Monday, August 23, 2010

Card Class Photo's!

Card Class August 22, 2010
Make 20 cards (2 of each) for $30
This class was a reduced price class
for everyone being so patient with me
during the wedding hoopla.

The whole kit and Caboodle of cards!
10 different cards shown everyone made 2 each...

Card #1 Happy Birthday

Card #2 Birthday Wishes

Card #3 Fishy Card

Card #4 Swirly Birthday

Card #5 B is for Brithday

Card # 6 Friends

Card #7 Wedding Day
and my favorite!
Tri Shutter Card

Card #7 - Open view its an amazingly fun card!

Card #8 Birthday cake

Card #9 Thank you

Card #10 Baby

Well thats all the cards we made this round!
The class was great we had a lot of fun and hope you all will join us next time!
Watch for the posts starting to get the Christmas cards and Christmas bag books going...


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