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Resting and Scrapbooking....


Do you ever just want to rest but you can't? Been running too long and don't know how to stop to find your life? Find when you try to rest, your mind just keeps getting you back to doing things you should be taking a break from? Feel guilty that your letting others down because you are not well and can't keep up anymore?
.....That was and kind of is still my life. I am having to find the ways around my tricky mind to get the rest and healing I need while not beating myself up about the things I can't do at this time. 

In my quest for some inner peace and healing I have found I am more rested after creating a bunch of layouts. So my current rest therapy is to scrapbook layouts for my kids books. I have yet to add photos but the layouts are coming along nicely. 

In the past few months this has been a blessing to my health and a distraction where I need one. My goals are changing as I am trying to heal my body from years of not listening to it. 
Sadly it got too loud to ignore and now it is an uphill battle to heal.   

My scrap size has changed over the years - Started with 12X12 and then did small books and not a stitch of scrapping for myself then changed to cards and now I am back scrapping along but 8.5X11 is the new size.

I am sure that 8.5X11 is a crazy size to most but I am finding that my daughter can enjoy the albums and not rip the pages. Any 12X12 CM album I have painstaking created and have shared with her have become a huge mess so now all my books are transitioning to the 8.5X11 size so they can be enjoyed and looked at safely for years.

So as I am crafting and accomplishing these changes in my life and getting some headway on my family and kid albums. My intent is that I will heal and my craftiness will help me by guiding the way.

Over the next bit of time I plan to scan and upload my completed pages with the info to complete them yourself. Its a good way for me to create and to get more 8.5X11 layout ideas out there. My search for sketches and layouts has been a challenge and if I can save you a bit of time and effort then I will be happy. And I have had a lot of time sizing down 12X12 ideas I find online, in books and in the idea sheets that come with the paper kits I have been buying. 


Its funny how just a small size change can make so much of a difference in the embellishments you use the size of photo's you use and the bonuses you get when you cut the paper down and have the photo mats available with the left over paper. That had been a bonus joy I have found with the new size. 
Plus when you are doing 3 sets of each layout its so nice not to have to use a large sheet of paper for photo mats all the time. See little things can make a huge difference in how you look at all this. 

Check back soon and I will have a set of layouts for you to look at and if you are so daring to change your perspective on the book size try it out.

Hope you like my new adventure and will join me in my wins and my struggles as I heal my body and mind. 

Much love,


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