Thursday, August 6, 2009

July in a Nut Shell!

Wow it is already August and I didn’t post much if anything in July.
Here is a bit about July in a nut shell!
July was a month of creating for the booth, the card class when I could and getting house stuff done.
The roof is complete the windows have been chosen and deposit made. Installation should happen in August or at the latest September.
Planning for back to school (August 10th here in Colorado)
Finding out wearing my glasses, drinking the dreaded water and Excedrin migraine work well together!
Lizzie and Derek set the date! July 24th 2010 so some planning was happening there.
Made reservations at the Cliff house for our Anniversary weekend getaway.
Dental visits and a dental surgery for Miranda
Getting the items for the anniversary book I am creating for my Aunt and Uncle ~Thank you mom!
Oh and a family trip to a castle.... It is the Bishop Castle and it was very cool but very scary.
It is near Pueblo and this guy has been creating it for years. I doubt any permits are on file nor is it very safe but everyone had a blast.

Bishop Castle

On the lower platform. We are standing on iron mesh that is see through. it is welded together and held up by small iron scrolls. The railing is just a token really Jason said we would fall if we pushed on it much. They all helped me get out there and a nice gentleman took our picture.
I was glad to get back over to the inside room where there at least appeared to be a safe structure.

Here is a photo of the guys at the top and no I was not up there. I am not CRAZY!!!!


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