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Teacher gifts 2011

Teacher Gifts 2011 Miranda has  2 Main teachers, 5 Assistants 2 Elective Teachers and 2 Bus Drivers Total is 11 Teacher Gifts! Coffee Gift pack Closed Via Holder (altered to hold chocolate instead of sugar packets) Coffee Gift pack open It holds 3 via pockets, 1 gift card, and 2 Ghirardelli   chocolates

Wedding Bag Books

Cover of the Wedding Bag Book Kiss and With this Ring Page Toast and Cake Page Tag Just a couple of pages form the Wedding bag books I just made for a dear friend.  Enjoy!

Sample pages from Olivia's Baby Book

Opening page A simple but sweet page Closing page I worked on a baby book for my new niece last week. This was the most important page. It was hard to do mainly because it is an 8X8 book and I was determined to get this layout of 12 months onto a 2 page spread. The only thing I did have to let go on was leaves it made the whole busy page just too busy! I used a set of gluubers to hold together the puffed up flowers. (there are 6 of the little suckers!) those were the hardest ones to get together... they kept flipping so I used these gluubers (available at Archivers and if you have a Craft Warehouse close by!). All in all, They worked pretty good. I did have to use some wet glue as well on the gluubers. But in the end I won the "stay down and play nice battle".... I did a 20 page album for Olivia and sent it home with my oldest when she returned home to Oregon. Once this page came into my head I had to do it and I am so glad I did. I can't wait t

July's Calendar

1st official Hobby Lobby Card Class!!!! Date July 2 Time 10-3 Place - Hobby Lobby (Parker CO) Cost $35 I slipped a card class at the house in there for those that are unable to make the 1st Hobby Lobby card class

June's Calendar

I added a Sunday for Christmas projects that everyone wanted to get a head start on. If this date isn't going to work let me know I have some flexablity this month. We can flip the card class with the Christmas class too.

Scrap Room Photo's!

Embossing and die cutting area Stamp storage as well  Work area ready for the next class.. the adorable shelf my grandfather made me as a little girl... I keep finding a need to use it. The scraproom is a nice and cozy room ready for our classes and projects. It has gone through many changes over the past few years and I thought it needed a new photo update with the changes for 2011... My favorite things in my scraproom are... In random order my Ikea towel racks for my punches, my fishing pole rack for my ribbon (Jason thought this one up from the container store), my embossing/die cutting area (love having this a separate area), my newest ink pad storage unit from a lady on ebay, the wonderful shelves my daughter didn't need any longer that hold my stamps and some display items, the awesome shelf that my grandfather made me as a little girl that holds the jars of flowers I never seem to get enough of, and of course the 2 - 8 foot tables that help me and my dear fr

May Calendar - Updated

I took some time to re-do the May Calendar with the updated class moved to the 29th. Card class info Create an assortment of 10 creative cards Date: May 29th Cost: $25 Time: 9:30 - ? Place: Dianne's house Bring:  bone folder and basic adhesive light lunch, dessert and water is served Additional kits and pre made cards available upon request.