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Grandkids Book - Neutral

A special book for those Grandparents that have Girls and Boys. It was a challenge to create a book that was more Neutral Not a lot of paper out there that isn't girl or boy specific and they almost always clash when trying to mesh them together. Found some Me and My Big Idea paper With chipboard embellishments and this is what I created. enjoy..... Cover Pages 1 and 2 Pages 3 and 4 Pages 5 and 6 Pages 7 and 8   Pages 9 and 10 Pages 11 and 12 Pages 13 and 14 Back cover 1 assembled book remains Cost is $35

Allison's Wedding Album - So Far!

I started Alli's album in September as her shower gift. These layouts in an album is what I gave her then I took it back home to add in pictures and finish the album. But I had surgery so I am still in the process of finishing the album. Here is the album she received. Still working on pictures and the final pages...... 1st page For the best picture of them together Pages 2 and 3 Prior pictures of them Pages 4 and 5 Info about them Pages 6 and 7 More before the wedding pictures Pages 8 and 9 What they love about each other Pages 10 and 11 Bridal Shower Pages 12 and 13 Bridal Shower Pages 14 and 15 Bridal Shower Pages 16 and 17 Bridal Shower Pages 18 and 19 Wedding! Pages 20 and 21 Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Pages 22 and 23 Ceremony Pictures Pages 24 and 25 Ceremony Pictures Pages 26 and 27 Ceremony Pictures Pages 28 and 29 Professional Pictures Pages 30 and 31 Professional Pictures Pages 32 and 33 Professional Pictures Still t

Baby Boy - Nursery Rhyme Book

Needed a sweet baby boy book and found this fun and adorable nursery rhyme paper to play with.... Cover Page 1 and 2 Yankee Doodle Pages 3 and 4 Hey Diddle Diddle and This Old Man Pages 5 and 6 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Pages 7 and 8 Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Pages 9 and 10 Jack Be Nimble Pages 11 and 12 The Itsy Bitsy Spider Pages 13 and 14 Little Boy Blue Pages 15 and 16 Row Row Row Your Boat and Jack and Jill Pages 17 and 18 London Bridges and Hush-a-bye Baby Back Cover There are 4 kits left of this book $45 apiece

February Card Class

Valentines and fun! What a wonderful return to the card life class. Thank you all for the amazingly fun class Special thank you's to Pat, Nancy and Jill for helping me with the embossing, die cutting and assembling of these kits. Card #1 - Hearts Explode Card # 2 - Valentine Mail Time Card # 3 - Sweet Birthday Card # 4 - Fancy Flower Card # 5 - Beautiful Tree Card # 6 - Butterfly Birthday Card # 7 - Birthday Celebration Card # 8 - Espresso Birthday Card # 9 - Birthday Cake Card # 10 - Simple Flower Treat box was a hot air balloon door hanger with chocolates.