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Happy Halloween

Silly me!!!! Another Halloween and in the midst of getting card class together decided to make a treat for the people Miranda is with at High Pointe. So I asked after saying I wanted to make a treat of course. How many will be here Friday for Halloween??? I was thinking there would be like 15 but nope the answer was.... 30 Soooo I made 35 for High Pointe (they have some very nice staff working closely with my kid!) and a few for the kids shes going trick or treating with. Hope they like their little ghost. Norah has loved her little ghost and will be sad to see his friends leave. She is into watching the Halloween specials for Paw Patrol and Bubble Guppies and one of them has a spooky ghost in it so our word this past week has been   SPOOKY! Its very cute to see her say it too. Have a great and spooky Halloween

Grandparent album

Very sweet little Grandparent/Grandchild book Full of flowers and butterflies for embellishing those special pictures Cover Pages 2 and 3 Pages 4 and 5 Pages 6 and 7 Pages 8 and 9 Pages 10 and 11 Pages 12 and 13 Back cover

Fall Mini Book 2014

The new fall 2014 mini book is so fun! Love the new Sweater Weather paper by Simple stories Check out the pictures for the newest fun book~ Cover Pages 2 and 3 Pages 4 and 5 Pages 6 and 7 Pages 8 and 9 Pages 10 and 11 Pages 12 and 13 Pages 14 and 15 Pages 16 and 17 Pages 18 and 19 Pages 20 and 21 Pages 22 and 23 Back cover

Olaf #2 Mini Book

Another Order for Olaf books! He is one popular character... Lots of Olaf's with sparkles, gems and buttons Cover Pages 2 and 3 Pages 4 and 5 Pages 6 and 7 Pages 8 and 9 Pages 10 and 11 Pages 12 and 13 Pages 14 and 15 Back cover

Christmas Gift card/Cash holders

Needed a fun box for the Christmas gifts I am taking to Oregon So I made the Birthday slide box and thought how fun to make that for the holiday gift box too. Went stamp shelf hunting and came back with these 2 sets - Big on Christmas and Polar Party. I had gotten the Big on Christmas after it retired and had yet to use it. One of those sets you are not quite sure you want then after its gone you have seen a million cute ideas and have to have it.... Thank goodness for ebay! Polar party I just had to have when I saw it tin the catalog!   Top piece is with the Happy Holidays stamp from Big on Christmas I added glossy and glimmer glue to the tree Pop ups are from the Polar Party set. Couldn't decide on what not to use so I just used it all! Backings where needing extra support I used the plastic from a container and glossy to keep in place. Trees are glossed and glittered as well as the snow at the penguin and polar bear feet.

Princess mini book

I have had so many projects to share lately... My trip to Oregon has helped me get much needed holiday and birthday creating done. So I have 2 little nieces that are turning one this year. Both parents love their little ones in pinks. So when I saw this paper I had to create a couple of mini books for their 1st birthdays. *I kept them simple and sweet* Cover Page 2 and 3 Page 4 and 5 Page 6 and 7 Page 8 and 9 Page 10 and 11 Page 12 and 13 and the back cover

Wedding Card for Alli

The wedding card!!! I am going for the wood look on this card as Allison's request for her wedding cake is this: Bear with me on the pictures they are dark and I couldn't get them lighter  without making them fuzzy. This card was probably the hardest card  I've ever made. I even had to watch a video for assembly. I tried to emboss the wood grain look into it and that was just not going to work. It made it too weak. Interesting to learn that on this card... So after cutting a bunch of these out  and then re-cutting them out to start over I finished with this: Front view 3 layers of cake decorated with leaf embellishments with raffia bows. So you can see I added the date here with Lizzies help (Date stamp wanted to add month and year not day) Side view you can almost see the wood-grain stamp I used Best picture of the bunch! you can see the wood-grain stamp here. This was definitely a labor of love

A Thank you for Jennifer

My sister is letting us use her house for Allison's shower. So I thought I would make one of these cards for her as a Thank you Thinking a nice bottle of wine to accompany will be a special treat. Liz has graciously offered to help me get said wine since of course I pick by pretty label and that's not apparently how you do it. This is the picnic card but I just thought it was so cute Front flap - Grapes in gems Row #1 - Wine glass and silverware with a red button (I added glossy to the wine glass) Row # 2 - Wine bottle and glass with button accent (again added glossy to the wine glass) Row #3 - Flowers and a button accent ( Added gems and glossy to the flowers) Back area is 2 plates and a button accent Another view Side view - you can see the plates here what a fun card to create.

Alli's Shower card

I know after posting Makenna's card on Friday you would be wondering what that file could possibly do with a bridal shower card..... Here it is- I used the Simple Stories "Story of Us" paper I did her wedding album in this paper so I figured since her shower gift is the album this would be perfect paper to use. Love the finished product Front view: row #1 - Stars and an envelope (added a gem to the envelope and shimmer glue to the stars) Row #2 - Wedding cake and present (added gems to the cake and ribbon to the present) Row # 3- Large present (added a ribbon bow to this one) Back area - Balloons I added shimmer glue to the balloons) Side view of the fun card