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Card Class - July 2011

July Card Class
Date: Saturday July 2, 2011
Time: 10-3
Place: Hobby Lobby - Parker CO
Cost: $35
Includes - Class Kit (everything you need to complete the following 10 cards)
 Lunch and of course chocolate on the table to snack on
***Please bring your bone folder and basic adhesive***
email me at to reserve your spot today

StazOn Cleaner - Old Set Cleaned up Example

StazOn Example Okay here is a stamp set I bought from Tish my Stampin Up upline. She used it on a Christmas card the year before I moved to Colorado in 2005 maybe even earlier and again in 2006 & 2007. I bought it from her in 2008. It was used in many and I mean many classes prior to me buying it and I have used it in a few classes as well. **Now I want to step backwards on some thoughts. Cleaning my stamps is my preference and fully cosmetic. This set has looked just like this and has done a bunch of beautiful cards. So looking like its been through the proverbial ringer does not mean it is not going to stamp a beautiful card. (The exception would be if it has a build up of versamark on it.)

Stamp Cleaning Photo's

The Process..

Like I said in the earlier post this stazOn cleaner is AMAZING!
I got it at Hobby Lobby for $3.99
I did use the eraser as well as the brush so in conjunction you are looking at about $8
to start with but it is worth it to get your stamps clean
and this is only 1 set the kit you are creating will do so many more.
Can't wait to hear how many sets you guys get cleaned up.

Stamp Cleaning Basics

You might be saying I know how to clean my stamps but even I forget to get back to basics so a refresher every once in a while is a good thing…

Basic kit for cleaning stamps:
Baby wipes or Stampin scrub (or both)
White eraser
paint brush
dry cloth
For cleaning your Stampin Scrub
Baby Bottle parts holder (optional)

So as I was creating the July class this week I turned on some of my Paper Crafter Library video’s and did another refresher in the stamp cleaning sections.

* If you use baby wipes they have lanolin and Aloe in them and after time you will get build up on your stamps. You will need to get a good white eraser or the adhesive remover (available through Stampin Up) and run it over the stamp to remove the build-up then use a stiff brush to remove the residue. The reason for this is that the areas of build up will not hold the ink and your stamp will not stamp evenly.

*The above will happen with incorrect cleaning of versamark ink also and again use the eraser or the ad…

Christmas in June - Card Class samples

Christmas Cards 2011
Card class on 6/12 with an additional class on 6/26
1st class we will complete 1 of each card. 
2nd class is for completion or starting the remainder of the 2011 Christmas card needs

Fathers Day card Choices 2011

Thats it for this year. I was trying to get another sports themed one but just couldn't find a die or stamp I liked so the cards are closed for this round!
Let me know what you would like and I will get your order to you this week.

Card Class - May 2011