Friday, June 24, 2011

Card Class - July 2011

July Card Class
Date: Saturday July 2, 2011
Time: 10-3
Place: Hobby Lobby - Parker CO
Cost: $35
Includes - Class Kit (everything you need to complete the following 10 cards)
 Lunch and of course chocolate on the table to snack on
***Please bring your bone folder and basic adhesive***
email me at to reserve your spot today

Card # 1 - Sweet Celebration

Card # 2 Take Care

Card # 3 Fishy Card

Card # 4 - Rose Red

Card # 5 Silhouette garden

Card # Happy Birthday Monkeys


Card # 7 Many Thanks

Card # 8 - Floral Fantasy

Card #9 - Happy Birthday

Card # 10 Pirate Birdie

StazOn Cleaner - Old Set Cleaned up Example

StazOn Example
Okay here is a stamp set I bought from Tish my Stampin Up upline.
She used it on a Christmas card the year before I moved to Colorado in 2005
maybe even earlier and again in 2006 & 2007. I bought it from her in 2008.
It was used in many and I mean many classes prior
to me buying it and I have used it in a few classes as well.
**Now I want to step backwards on some thoughts. Cleaning my stamps is
my preference and fully cosmetic. This set has looked just like this and has
done a bunch of beautiful cards. So looking like its been through the proverbial ringer
does not mean it is not going to stamp a beautiful card.
(The exception would be if it has a build up of versamark on it.)
This is the photo I took just after I put the StazOn Cleaner on the stamp set

After the cleaning. It is AMAZING!!!
I know the blocks are a bit stained still.
StazOn doesn't really work on the wood just the stamps
This set looks great. I am so impressed.

Stamp Cleaning Photo's

The Process..
Important tools
Stampin Scrub
Stampin Mist
Baby Wipes
White Eraser

Stamp Set I started on
This one isn't too bad
I had already put the StazOn cleaner on the stamps
before I took the picture

This was mid way through the process

When I finished the set looked almost new
This is a well loved set
Like I said in the earlier post this stazOn cleaner is AMAZING!
I got it at Hobby Lobby for $3.99
I did use the eraser as well as the brush so in conjunction you are looking at about $8
to start with but it is worth it to get your stamps clean
and this is only 1 set the kit you are creating will do so many more.
Can't wait to hear how many sets you guys get cleaned up.

Stamp Cleaning Basics

You might be saying I know how to clean my stamps but even I forget to get back to basics so a refresher every once in a while is a good thing…

Basic kit for cleaning stamps:
Baby wipes or Stampin scrub (or both)
White eraser
paint brush
dry cloth
For cleaning your Stampin Scrub
Baby Bottle parts holder (optional)

So as I was creating the July class this week I turned on some of my Paper Crafter Library video’s and did another refresher in the stamp cleaning sections.

* If you use baby wipes they have lanolin and Aloe in them and after time you will get build up on your stamps. You will need to get a good white eraser or the adhesive remover (available through Stampin Up) and run it over the stamp to remove the build-up then use a stiff brush to remove the residue. The reason for this is that the areas of build up will not hold the ink and your stamp will not stamp evenly.

*The above will happen with incorrect cleaning of versamark ink also and again use the eraser or the adhesive remover. It will remove the versamark ink and the stamp will be as good as new. I know this because I did it and I will say I am amazed at the look of the stamp.

* If you use the Stampin Scrub remember to stamp off excess ink before you use the scrub it will make the scrub last longer between cleanings.  

*StazOn ink is a killer ink. It is one I rarely use because it just isn’t one that comes off stamps. Well not anymore… StazOn Cleaner is amazing as well.  So I will add here I have tried it before but no one told me to leave it sit. The bottle says rub tip lightly against rubber stamp wipe off excess solution with damp cloth and repeat. Nothing about leaving the solution sit on the stamp.  So in watching the PCL video Andrea says leave it on overnight and repeat if needed. It needed! But the amazing part was in 2 days I had the ink off that stamp.. Not just some of it off ALL OF IT OFF. I will never be afraid of StazOn again. I have 3 sets sitting with the cleaner now waiting for me to work them tomorrow and then probably another night of the cleaner then they will be clean as well. So girls pull out your StazOn and don’t be afraid. I also used the cleaner on some of the older stamps that needed some love and it did a great job bringing some life back into my stamps.  

*Clean your Stampin Scrub when you find your stamps are not letting go of the ink. In other words if you clean your stamp and then stamp on white scratch paper and there is still an image you will need to clean your Stampin scrub. I had soaked mine before but then I found out you need to really soak it in a solution of oxy clean and water for a couple of hours then let them dry over night. It is amazing.
I recommend this process to everyone I do it monthly (after a big class!)
The baby bottle parts holder is a plastic square box I got when the girls were little that held the little bits in the dishwasher. It holds the pads upright to dry perfectly. So anything that holds the pads upright to dry will work. I just don’t recommend leavening them laying flat.

I hope these little helpful hints will keep your stamps in tip top shape. I know I am happy now that a bunch of mine are back on track.
Love ya all,

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Christmas in June - Card Class samples

Christmas Cards 2011
Card class on 6/12 with an additional class on 6/26
1st class we will complete 1 of each card. 
2nd class is for completion or starting the remainder of the 2011 Christmas card needs

Christmas Card # 1  Seasons Greetings

Christmas Card # 2 Fancy Ornament

Christmas Card # 3 (version-1) Holly Jolly Christmas

Christmas Card # 3 (version-2) Holly Jolly Christmas

Christmas Card # 4 Happy Holidays

Christmas Card # 5 (cover picture) Merry little Christmas

Christmas Card # 5 (open Picture)  Merry little Christmas

Christmas Card # 6 Joy at Christmas

Christmas Card # 7 Be Merry
Stamps: Dasher, Warm Words

Christmas Card # 8 Seasons Greetings Ornament

Christmas Card # 9 Merry Christmas Penguins

Christmas Card # 10 Seasons of Joy

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fathers Day card Choices 2011

Card # 1
Hoppy Fathers Day

Card #2
Dad with Stars

Card # 3
U are the best - Gift card holder

Card # 4
Mr. fix it - tool box card

This card can hold a gift card in the tool box on the cover or more tools cut out

Card # 5
Fathers day Golf theme

Card # 6
BBQ themed - you're the best!

Thats it for this year. I was trying to get another sports themed one but just couldn't find a die or stamp I liked so the cards are closed for this round!
Let me know what you would like and I will get your order to you this week.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Card Class - May 2011

Card #1 Thinking of you

Card #2 Get Well Soon

Card #3 Wedding

Card #4 Graduation Girl

Card # 4 Graduation - Boy

Card #5 Birthday Fun fold

Card #5 - side view

Card #6 - Thank U or Celebrate U

Card #6 Celebrate U option

Card # 6 open slide shown

Card #7 Birthday Wishes

Card #8 Happy Birthday

Card # 9 Thought Away

Card #10 Cupcake