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Last Summer Vibes layout - Summer

The last of these layouts and I didn't even use the Summer Vibes paper. - Goodness So I was going to use the paper and there just wasn't enough to do what I  wanted and this idea popped into my head. I like the idea of using so many pictures of the girls in a frame around the Summer on popsicles.  Now I hope I have enough of one event or enough that are similar to go together.  Original title was "Hot Summer Days" but I just wasn't feeling the words "Hot"  and "Days" words here. Summer was all I wanted to say. Thinking a date or year will go in the top right area above the photo mat. The photos will let me know which is the right way to go.  Details: White Daisy base paper - 8.5 X 11.25 SU Wood Grain patterned paper (2) 4 X 8.5 Almond photo mats - (10) 3 X 4  Cricut Cuts Paper used: Candy Apple, Nectarine, Canary, Glacier, Green Apple, Smoothie and Kraft White paint pen on the popsicles 

Summer Vibes #12 - Aloha

Not a stitch of pattern paper on this layout. its all cuts. I tried to use some of the pattern paper but it just didn't fit. Then I thought what about a clothes line for the shirts and this is what I came up with. enjoy!  Details: Base -Kraft (2) 8.5 X 11.25 Black Photo mats (3) 3 X 4 and a 4 X 6 Ink - Mango Melody, Real Red and Pear Pizzazz from SU Cut files from the Cricut Paper used: White Daisy, Canary, Candy Apple Red, Smoothie, Fern, Glacier and Nectarine Twine is from stash

Summer Vibes # 10 - Splash zone

 Inner tubes and beach balls - Great for pool pictures or maybe some bumper boats with the water shooters??? Either of these pictures should work out with the feel of these layouts. I cut the files before working them onto the layout in hindsight I would have made the "Splash Zone" title a bit bigger but I can live with this one as is. Details: Glacier 8.5 X 11.25 Summer items pattern paper (2) 3 X 11.25 - the horizontal strip is cut at 8.5 and the remainder is on the 2nd page  The horizontal lines up with the vertical strip on the right page Glacier Photo mats (4) 3 X 4 and 4 X 6 Cricut cuts for the inner tubes, beach ball and title Cardstock used:  White Daisy, Glacier, Canary, Candy Apple Red, Nectarine, Green apple and Smoothie

Summer Vibes #9 - Flip flops

This is a super duper simple layout that took 2 days! Well I spilled water on the paper - had the cap slightly on the bottle but when I grabbed it the top came off and the bottle got water everywhere. So the paper is water damaged (perfect for a beach page right!)I had my cuts all done and then decided I didn't care for the flip flops that came with the verbiage banner. So I found one I liked and  then I needed some stuff for another layout so I cut lots today instead of finishing and posting this morning like I had intended to. I am actually happy with this layout I thought it was going to be an utter fail and instead I am already  thinking of what pictures should go on this layout. that is a huge win for me. And are those flip flops not adorable??  This will be a fun layout for some simple beach pages - the Kraft paper makes me think of sand Details: Kraft 8.5 X 11.25 Wave pattern paper 3.5 X 11.25 and 1 X 11.25 Glacier Photo mats (3) 3 X 4 and (2) 4 X 6) Kept it all landscape th

Summer Vibes #8 - Sand, Surf and Vitamin Sea

Tried off and on today to get this up but it was just not happening.  So now its almost 8:30 PM and I am trying once again.  Funny how the day gets away from you in the blink of an eye. Had a lot of fun with this one its quite simple but perfect for some Beach pictures  I have of the girls on the Oregon coast.  Should go together quickly     Details: Kraft base paper - 8.5 X 11.25 Almond photo mats - (3) 3 X 4 and (2) 4 X 6 Cricut Cuts: Paper used: Sapphire, Glacier, Canary, Lagoon, White Daisy and Black Blue dots are SU Woven Ribbon is SU

Summer Vibes - Sweet as a Melon

  This was a layout idea I found online.  Got the cut files and re-created it in a smaller size of course. the ant was the seller on this one. He was just so cute I had to have a layout with him on it.  The red Gingham paper is left over from the other layouts so it is using up scraps as well as being adorable.   Details: Base page  - White Daisy (2) 8.5 X11.25 Red Gingham  pattern paper  3.75 x 11.25 and 2 X 8.5 Black photo mats  (3) 4 X 6(1) 3 X 4  Cricut cuts - large ant, watermelon, small ants, heart, tag, banner and title  Stamps used: CTMH Friendship Word Puzzle (fun times)

Tiered Tray Décor for Fall

I needed a little me time this week and completely forgot I needed to get a post in yesterday.  Thought I had till today to do it and felt guilty that I was doing my fall tiered tray set up. I have a ton of Halloween and quite a bit of Thanksgiving but very little fall. I loved the kit on Paisleys and Polka dots   that has the leaf sign, sunflower fence and leaf tag as well as a large sunflower and then the smaller sunflowers in the picture I got from IdahoCustom Creations   And I went to Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago to get these gnomes (saw them online) and they were out so I got them online at Mercari - thank goodness they had them as they are perfect for my tray. I do need a little height type item so I will be on the look out for that but I am calling this a win. (Berries, acorns, leaves and etc are from JoAnns)  Isn't the book reading gnome adorable.  Painted all the little bits that didn't have paper to cut and cover today for my me time. It was a nice relaxing part of my

Summer Vibes #6

This one is using some of the layout ideas and kit items from Kelly I embossed some of the circles with random embossing folders for a bit more dimension. With the beach items removed this could be a fun layout for a kids bath. It was really fun to punch out random sized circles and just glue them almost where they dropped.  Details: Base page  - White Daisy (2) 8.5 X11.25 Blue pattern paper (2) 4 X 8 Wave pattern paper (2) 5 X 7 Kraft photo mats (6) 3 X 4  Diecuts from Kelly Additional Circles - punched out with assorted sized circle punches Stickers form the Summer Vibes sticker sheet (glasses, camera, red flip flops and some circles are all popped) Blue sequins Assorted Embossing folders (bubbles, waves, fish, and dots ) Colors used for circles - Lagoon, Glacier, Lemonade, Sapphire and assorted patterns that matched well. Yellow Summer vibes journaling card (circles) Yellow acrylic Palm tree and the word Summer from the layout kit

Summer Vibes #5

This layout had me stumped for 2 days. I had cut the small pieces of wave with the squares I had so they would be 2 pieces tall but I was of course 2 inches short on the sides. I started with Lagoon on the sides and that was what threw me off. it was sooooo dark. Today I had a moment to  re address the layout and I ripped off the Lagoon and put on Glacier it was perfect.  Added the bubble border sticker I have been wanting to use and then just kind of added a few  items I liked from the sticker sheet and the journaling cards. Should be a fun layout for the kids. Oh and I got to play with my new cloud stencil from Lawn Fawn. this is such a cool stencil.   Details: Base page  - White Daisy (2) 8.5 X11.25 Glacier strip (2) 2 X 11.25 Wave pattern paper - Started at 4 X 7 and after cutting the waves they ended up being about 3.5 x 7 Glacier photo mats (3) 3 X 4 (2) 4 X 6 Summer Vibes journaling card cut to 2.75 X 3.75 Lawn Fawn Cloud Stencil Stampin up ink - Pool Party Stickers form the Sum

Summer Vibes #4

Who doesn't love a picnic??? Had to change the layout here a smidge. Thought I had ordered 3 kits and I had only ordered 2. The bottom square border was originally on top and bottom. felt a little too much for the smaller layout so I opted just for the bottom so with some fancy glue work the ones I got in the 2 kits worked for all 3 layout sets.. Added some bread, bottle of water and grapes to the basket as well and the smidge of a table cloth. Kind of reminds me of the basket in the movie Minuscule. No talking and the lady bug and ants get involved as well as a ton of other insects. Its a cute movie. So I added Doodle Bug Sprinkle ant stickers to this layout with that movie in mind.    Details: Base page  - Candy Apple (2) 8.5 X11.25 White paper - (2) 8.25 X 11 Candy Apple photo mats (6) 3 X 4 - 1 used for the journaling card that is cut to 2.75 X 3.75 Life is a Picnic title from the Summer Vibes Kelly kit (Candy Apple, Black and Toffee) Border squares - Summer Vibes kit from Kell

Summer Vibes #3

This was a fun style of layout to try out. Had made a bunch of the flowers for the other layouts and they fit nicely here. Really like the flip flops and since I had a bunch from the CTMH kit thought it was nice to keep using them in the layouts. 4 - 3.75 X 3.75 pictures will fit nicely on this  layout. A little journaling on the side and its complete. - Great colors and looks fun for summer pictures.   Details: Base page - Wave pattern paper (2) 8.5 X 11.25 Cut out 6.5 X 9.25 from the center for other layouts   White paper (2) 8.25 X 11 Photo spaces are 3.75 X 3.75 (option of course to have pictures cover the white completely or size to 3.5 X 3.5 - I like a little white border so I will most likely go with the 3.5 X 3.5. Striped pattern paper (2) .5 X 11.25 (about .25 showing so this is a place you could use a scrap or a zip strip easily and get the same affect. I had already cut them so I just slipped them under until I was happy with what was showing.  Canary Strip (2) 4 X 11.25 - C

Summer Vibes #2

Summer layout full of little bits I kept seeing different versions of this style of layout all over. Just had to create one that fit my size layouts instead of those huge 12X12's Love how this turned out.   Details: Base page - White Daisy (2) 8.5 X 11.25 Blue patterned paper (2) 4 X 8.5  Striped pattern paper (4) .25 X 8.5 Glacier Photo mats (3) 3 X 4 (1) 4 X 6 Journaling card from Summer Vibes journaling cards Summer letters - Summer Vibes kit Embellishments on the word Summer - Summer Vibes kit Stickers from the sticker sheet  * on the other 2 layouts I competed of this layout I added an ant doodle bug sticker to the U and the R. Its so cute:)

Summer Vibes layout #1 -

Ended up getting the Summer Vibes digital image set so I could cut items a little smaller for my layouts. This fun layout came about when I was trying to put together another layout. Unfortunately the other layout didn't get to be made but this turned out great so it all worked out. Bright and cheery without being too overwhelming.... Details: Base page - Black (2) 8.5 X11.25 Red Gingham patterned paper (2) 8.25 X 11 (6.75 X 9.25 was cut out of the center of this paper) White - 8 X 10.75 Black Photo mats (4) 3 X 4 (1) 4 X 6 Cricut cuts from the Summer Vibes  set. Flowers - Smoothie, Candy Apple, Canary and New England Ivy   Stickers from the Sticker sheet Flamingo from the embellishments in the kit.

Summer Vibes is up next -

  Thought I should get the Summer Vibes layouts up next since its still summer for a few more days. The kit for Summer Vibes Sparkle and Shine kit

Photo Play Bee Layout

Got this layout idea and kit from Scrapbook Generations . added a link to their page kits if you click on their name. They have a bunch of the new simple stories layouts as well. They are not as good as I had hoped but the kits they are creating are reasonable and most are cute. Prices are $10 for 1 - 2 page layout kit (12 X12)                  $18 for 2 - 2 page layout kits (12 X 12)                  $21 for 3 - 2 page layout kits (12 X 12)                  $28 for 4  - 2 page layout kits (12X12) and they do a free kit the first full weekend of each month with a $25 purchase They have a beach set with 10 - 2 page layouts I am eyeing for $65 that's $6.50 a layout plus with my size of pages I can usually get even more out of the sets. So lots to choose from and a great deal. I opted to use the card with the gnome instead of the Welcome to our Hive - it was just too big and I like gnomes so that is what I chose to do.... Details: Base paper is White Daisy 8.5 X 11.25 Pattern Paper is

Last of the current Old Change ups

So this is the last of these change ups for now. I am debating what I want to do for the Easter Dinner we had at my mom's. I don't really have great pictures and I am not sure if I want to fight the process. Time will tell.... SOOOO these are my favorite of the set. Jason doesn't care for them as the background is Espresso. I used it because I thought it looked great and reminded me of a chocolate bunny. So again I have taken pictures from the 12X12 layouts (4 of them) and divided them up by kid for their books. The picture sizes were all over the board and not really able to cut down some of the larger ones so this is what I came up with: Details: Base paper is Espresso from CTMH Patterned paper is Echo Park Welcome Easter Pink Pattern paper (4) 2 X 4 Basket paper (2)6 X 8 Matted on White Daisy (2) 6 1/8 X 8 1/4 (Only need the border on the outside edges) Plaid paper is (2) 2 X 8.5 Photo's are matted with Espresso as well as the title and verbiage pieces. Embellishment

Old Layout Change up #2

The next set is of the Egg hunt Easter Morning. Had to use the "Time to shake your bushy tail" We said that a lot to the kids when they were little So these were another set that wouldn't really fit on one of my premade layouts. I also struggled dividing up the pictures for the girls as none except Miranda's were that good. I even tried to find the film or saved photo's from  2005 and sadly my 2005 bucket starts in mid April with my niece being born. Skipped backing up Easter apparently.  Probably thought I got this stuff done I don't need to do any of that saving stuff?!?!?   Details: Base paper is White Daisy Patterned paper is Echo Park Welcome Easter Idea was a layout I saw online that had lots of patterns layered over each other. I cut the bunny butts and the Easter mashup with the cricket 2 (4" circles) Egg paper was cut to 4 X 8 Flower, plaid and bunny paper was cut to 2 X 4 I used a pink polka dot paper out of the set for the photo mats and the ba

Old Layout Change Up -

So with changing all the photo books to 8.5 X 11.25 there will be layouts in old books that will change to the new size. I know the saying is don't ever go back and re do your books. Well I am changing it all up and its a more manageable size to work with. Plus I feel like I had too many pictures for each event and was just adding them all to take up space. Now with the smaller size its easier to use just the ones that matter. With the transfer I am using photo's that were previously cut for the old layouts so its a little harder to  put them in the stuff I am creating. I took some paper out I hadn't used yet and created the Easter events for 2005. I will do 3 posts for these layouts. I had a grouping of photos of my kids dying Easter eggs It was  of course on a 12 X 12 layout taking up 4 pages. Yikes right!!! So I took the pictures and bought some new stickers that were close to the original and this is what I came up with: Details: Baser paper is Carolina from CTMH Then W