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New Class - Advent Calendar

Saw this style of Advent Calendar on another site and thought I should try to make one. LOVE IT!!! This was quite fun and easy. Thinking November 15th for the class Cost $50 (includes a light lunch) Bring your adhesive (I will supply the wet glue and velcro) All items will be cut and ready to assemble as well as the board painted to match the paper used. Unfortunately the paper above is no longer available but I will find something adorable to work with. They do have a cute polar bear line at Archivers I think is still available. Email me soon to sign up. Dianne

Christmas Bag Book Class

The paper and stickers are ordered and shipped! I decided to go with the classic Christmas sticker set by BoBunny for the class. I have fond memories of this set from my "Memories" days. Paper and stickers should arrive next week and I will post the cover pic and sign up info as soon as I complete the sample book. Class fee is $25 includes a light lunch

A few more cards....

Card #5 Changed it from the prior post (I did go back and change the group 1-5 photo) Using solemn stillness stamp set and some shimmer paper. Love the new look! Card #6 Okay I saw something similar to this online and had to add some bling and snow to it. Tree from Flakey friends stamp set Card #7 A simple snowflake card. for those of us that like simple and love snowflakes! Snowflake from the new patterned pines hostess stamp set. Still working my head around the tree stamps in that set. They are cute but just patterned enough to take some extra thought on how to best use them. Card #8 These fun cards are cash holders (or checks, gift certificates, etc...) I made one for Liz for her birthday and She loves it. carries it in her purse as a money holder for her cash! Hers was black and red with flowers but the same style of card. I have enough to make 12 of each card. These can be altered to have flowers, stamps etc on the scallop circle too. I have 2 more options in my mind bu

October is here!

It has been a week! Had an amazing mini vacation with Jason at the Cliff House. Ate at a bunch of new restaurants too. Breakfast on Sunday was at a Crepe restaurant that served Gluten Free Crepes. Unusual fare but the crepes were amazing. I just didn't know you could have so any different foods in a crepe. I of course being chicken had strawberries and then asked for syrup! Then for lunch we had Italian restaurant and they also had a GF Menu.... So I had GF spinach noodles with GF Alfredo sauce and chicken. It was amazing! Saddest part is the weekend ended with a nasty flu bug. Thought it might be food poisoning but nope it was the flu. It is now Thursday and I am finally on my computer again, And it is suddenly October! Amazing how a little flu takes almost 4 days to recoup. And then we get the call from school that Miranda isn't well. So now the process starts all over. Poor kid. Enjoy my trip pictures and check back soon for the Christmas Card class updates.