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Christmas Card Class thoughts!!!

Been working on the Christmas card class this week. I am thinking as a budget savvy scrapper/stamper I am going to use the stamps I have and try to see them in a new light as well as create multiple cards using these sets. to show their versatility. I will say just the idea phase part has turned out to be fun. Some of the sets I am planning to use are still available through Stampin Up so once I post the cards if anyone wants to purchase a set they can. (20% off) And always you are welcome to come scrap with me and use my stamp sets anytime. I will be "creating" officially in the next few weeks and posting soon after to give time to decide your cards... (see below!) I am just in the idea phase now but I will post pictures asap. Also another change up I am going to offer is that since I will post the cards before we do the class (I am thinking class time in October or early November) you can choose the cards you want to create. I will make approx 10 different cards ma

Over the Hill Bag Book

Loved Making this for my Aunt Peggy. She loved it and did mention that she was not 50 yet so she was not over the hill! She turns 50 in November but they had all their friends in town for the 25th Anniversary party. SOOOOO they added in the birthday as a surprise.

The Guest book is done!!!!

As you will see below I competed the Guest book for my Aunt Peggy and Uncle John's 25th Wedding Anniversary party. They are going to have a wonderful night on the Sternwheeler Rose with family and friends. Hoping this album makes a wonderful addition to the festivities. I wanted to have a unique way for guests to sign and maybe compete for the photo spots! The nice thing about this album is guests can sign the tags and then when the pictures are developed they can put the pictures where they want and add the tags to match the signers. Did add in the last page for those that found the concept difficult. Hope you enjoy, Dianne

Guest book pages

Cover Pg 1 Pg 2 - 3 pg 4 - 5 pg 6 - 7 pg 8 - 9 pg 10 - 11 pg 12 - 13 pg 14 - 15 pg 16 - 17 pg 18 - 19 pg 20 - 21 pg 22 - 23 pg 24 - 25 pg 26 - 27 pg 28 - 29 pg 30 - 31 pg 32 - 33 Pg 34 - 35 Pg 36 - 37 Pg 38 - 39 the tags from the Guest signing pages Last page of the book

The product for the Anniversary book

This was the table in my office Wednesday morning. I had started cutting paper and planning it out as items arrived so when my schedule cleared up Wednesday I was ready to roll!

Card Class update

A bit late but had the picture so I figured I should at least post it. The briefcase is a gift card holder it was fun to make so I was using that as the bonus card for early payments. The class ended up getting canceled due to the crazy July schedules of all involved but I have the cards all ready to be assembled for the booth or if anyone wants a kit!

July in a Nut Shell!

Wow it is already August and I didn’t post much if anything in July. Soooo… Here is a bit about July in a nut shell! July was a month of creating for the booth, the card class when I could and getting house stuff done. The roof is complete the windows have been chosen and deposit made. Installation should happen in August or at the latest September. Planning for back to school (August 10 th here in Colorado) Finding out wearing my glasses, drinking the dreaded water and Excedrin migraine work well together! Lizzie and Derek set the date! July 24 th 2010 so some planning was happening there. Made reservations at the Cliff house for our Anniversary weekend getaway. Dental visits and a dental surgery for Miranda Getting the items for the anniversary book I am creating for my Aunt and Uncle ~Thank you mom! Oh and a family trip to a castle.... It is the Bishop Castle and it was very cool but very scary. It is near Pueblo and this guy has been creating it for years. I doubt any permits ar