Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday Storage Share

Happy Saturday!
I have been getting tons of ideas for my future scrap area and I thought I would share some that I found.
I have been impressed more with the closed storage units then the open ones but I will share over the next few weeks the different ideas I find as well as why I chose the idea.

This one was on Pintrest and when I followed the link there was more of the whole room experience. The only piece I am taking from this is the pull out paper shelves. I am really impressed with its functionality. Whole post of her office is here:

I copied her info for the picture I am posting:

Just off of the corner of the main work area, you will find a space that was initially intended as a walk-in closet for this room. Here we added floor-to-ceiling cabinets with roll out shelves to house all of my 12 x 12 patterned paper and cardstock. We also added an additional work surface that allows me to pull out my die cutting and embossing machines for use on projects.
Above the roll out shelves are more cabinets. This is where I store embellishments sorted by manufacturer, letter stickers organized by color, and supplies and tools that I reach for on an occasional basis. I put everything in Iris snap-close cases. I love these things! I can stack them horizontally or vertically without worrying that items will fall out.

Its interesting to see how others store their stuff. This picture is one I appreciate due to the fact that it is realistic and functional.
The cropper hopper containers fit nicely on her pull out drawers - So easy to pull out what you need. **Brilliant idea**
The Iris containers are amazing and so helpful for those of us that have way more stuff then we of course should. I love that I had the 12X12 containers sorted by theme. I have donated to the school most of that stuff now and just have 2 boxes of favorite stuff left but they are a great way of keeping your items handy and ready to use.
I want to add that I prefer the Iris photo boxes to the 12X12 for my little embellishments and I love that it has a larger box to hold the little boxes. Here are some stock photo's from Amazon I found:

Hope you liked today share of storage ideas.....

Monday, June 16, 2014


Olaf is a very popular character from the Disney movie Frozen.
Charlize decided to have an Olaf party for her birthday this year
here is the invitation:

And here is her special book to remember the party....

All pictures of Olaf are from online color book sources
Sized, colored and cut to match the book. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Book Order for Karen - MME Phresh and Flair papers

Fun little book using My Minds Eye paper pack and assorted embellishments
Added in some new quotes I got to add some direction for the book and this is what it came to be:
hope you enjoy!

Cover - great spot for a picture

Pg 1 and 2 Such a great day

Pg 3 and 4- Absolute Perfection - This page has an acetate page 

Pg 3 and 4 (part 2)- Feeling carefree

Pg 5 and 6 - flags - I love flags

Pg 7 and 8 - Life happens

Pg 9 and 10 - Happy Memories - another acetate page

Pg 9 and 10 (part 2) 

Pg 11 and 12 - This is Happiness

Pg 13 and 14 

Pg 15 and 16 - Love this moment

Pg 17 and 18 - Celebrate the Everyday - another acetate page

Pg 17 and 18 (part 2)

Pg 19 and 20 - delight in life

pg 21 - back cover

June Class 2014

June's class was June 7th at Hobby Lobby in Parker
Lots of ladies having fun creating the following cards....

Father day Option - this also offered a birthday option
Holds a gift card perfectly.

Closed box view

Graduation option - Also had a birthday option

Butterfly Thank you

Banners and flowers

Elegant thank you

Tropical Thank you

Happy little yellow flower
I think of this as the bumble bee card!

Sweet thinking of you

embossed thank you

Seize the cupcake!

Most of the cards had options for Thank you, Birthday, Thinking of you and get well. 


Wedding Album for Karyn

 This was a huge project and it feels sooo good to have it completed.
This paper was amazing to work with - Little yellow Bicycle - Swoon and Best Creations - Wedding
  You will notice below that only one page includes photo mats. I have included with this album 4X6 and 4x4 photo mats in both black and basic gray. Hope you enjoy this post .....

Changed the pictures since they were rather blue looking instead of a crisp white and black.

Title page

Bride and Groom page
I wanted that bouquet to be the other way but it had words

as well on the paper and this is the way it is supposed to go. 

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Bride and Groom family shots

Special shots of the day page

Here comes the Bride

Ceremony shots page

The kiss and pronounce page

1st dance

Toasts and reception shots

The cake!

Reception shots

Reception shots

Reception and couple shots

 Couple Shots
 Couple Shots
The official shot of Mr and Mrs.