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September Card Class

Cards and  a Baby!!! So I had some great plans to get the September cards up  and the instructions completed  on Monday. I only had to size the pictures and add them to the instructions and the blog. So easy Peasy right!!! Well Liz decided to go into labor Monday morning - I say morning but it was still dark and I was still sleeping....  I got the call at 2 AM to come grab Norah and that they were heading to the hospital. So I woke up and drove to Sky Ridge and got Norah and came home about 3 - Norah was not tired at this point but I sure was. Got her settled about 4 and passed out. Still not sure if she ever slept??? I truely believe she and Miranda talked and played all night.  Got a Text at 5:11 AM which I actually received closer to 7 AM due to being passed out. That James Preston Whitney had arrived 7 pounds 13 ounces 20 inches long Happy and Healthy baby Sweet little baby  Sister and Brother watching TV together with M & M's (baby sl