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Card Class 3/3/2011

For those of you that were not able to make it sorry you missed all the fun! 
When I say we had a full house I mean we had a FULL HOUSE!!!

This is the left side of the room
and this is the right side of the room 
We sure made a mess  but we had a lot of fun!

This is the group that will meet up 4 times a year my smaller group will still meet monthly with a few additions here and there from this group that wanted to join in our fun a few more times then their group meets up.

This is just the morning group!
We had another session in the afternoon...
Poor Tish was beat when I ran in to check on her at 7 pm and help her clean up and get to her car.
My girls were done at about 3 - Thanks girls:)

next big class is looking like it might happen in May so keep your eyes open for that email.

March Class

March Card Class Card Photo's
Thanks so much for your patience this month on the photo's being after the class.
This class was a huge one with Tish being Joining us.
Wow it was a full house.

The card photo delay was due to the butterfly die I had to have for a few of the cards.
I am sure you agree the butterfly addition was worth the wait.

Card #1 Thank you tag

Card #2 Butterfly garden

Card #3 Cow Dance

Card #4 Sweet floral

Card # 5 Celebrate

Card # 6 So Sweet

Card # 7 Celebrate

Card # 8 Happy Birthday

Card # 9 Squares of love!

Card # 10 Circle Birthday

Treat for participants of the class.