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Office Ideas!

Found this office on a Pintrest board for California Closets. I love some of what they did.... Adorable corner cubby and the little drawers Seeing lots of peg /slat boards lately maybe I need to think about this option?? Nice work area not sure I would like so much open viewing. That is one of the items I am really trying to incorporate in the next office lots of cupboards and drawers with little exposed. Basically I would like to keep my mess to myself! I think the middle area needs some shelves Love the paper storage area here.

Shoe Book

Here is the shoe book I completed a while back. I am not going to say this was easy.  I found shoe quotes in a multitude of locations to help this book out. I bought shoe papers, embossing folder and a die set as well. Didn't use the embossing folder - just didn't fit the way I created.... I t also didn't help I could not get the pictures off my phone and onto my computer... Jason just fixed it for me tonight so now I "should" be able to upload more often without the drama and headache I've had recently. I'm just glad I have a computer guy in the house to fix my issues. Cover - A zillion gems I hand adhered into the swirls using a cut file on my silhouette Never thought I would use those files for gem placement and it worked out to have them all. Got those back when they had unlimited downloads per month on my subscription. Miss those days! Pages 2-3 Quote: Live well, Laugh often, Love much and wear cute shoes. pages 4-5 Quote: I would hate for

Organizing hmm is it just fun or an obsession!!!

Some more photo's I've come across as I peruse the internet in my down time. Some ideas I think you'll like and some are more what I am looking for.... This is a great idea. With the thought that I will be having drawers in the new room someday I am thinking a small drawer for my punches is a great idea and I could easily find what I need if they were ever to stay this organized. Right now they are in a box - tossed about and I have to search for the punch I need. (Not my large whale ones they have a special space on my wall hanging on IKEA rails) Very cute idea for scraping with friends. I tend to not travel scrap - I have too much stuff! A little dresser for ribbon! Oh my goodness how adorable but where would I put it??? Love the look of this paper storage - I'm dreaming of this kind of look... This might be reality but Im hoping for the paper tray options!!! I love jars so this is a must pic to see. How fun to have different jars about More ja

Table top spindles!

As I was starting to look for some bathroom vanities for the main level bathroom I came across some fun storage items I thought I would share.  Its funny how you find stuff in the weird areas of life! Found this on Amazon for $25.71 This could hold a lot of tools and since  it spins you wouldn't feel like you can't reach any special item. Another Amazon find $33.09 This is a look I have loved for years Not sure how or what I would store on it maybe some jars and little odds and ends like buttons etc.... I like that is is smaller then most you see out there. Could even be a special holder for finished cards???   This one I found a while back and thought it was interesting. Not sure I would use this wisely as it just is cool but not functional. And who the heck only has 1 pair of scissors??? really?? If only my stash was this small! Love the idea of old spice racks to hold your little embellishments but I have grow out of this before I even start looking to buy o

Storage Ideas continued....

Another set of storage ideas I have recently found. I am wishing I had an unlimited amount of cash to blow on this stuff.. This system is about $650 but I do like the way the paper is stored. The company offers 8.5X11 and 12X12 paper options which I like just not sure I can cough up that much cash for paper storage..... This is the Closet Maid system I am planning to use in my new office. (unless the perfect item pops up and replaces it!) I am actually planning something similar to this wall just more covered up. Cupboards on top and drawers on the bottom. but it was nice to see some other options using this system.  Ok who wouldn't love this spinner. Oh my goodness if only I had room! Very interested in this paper storage unit. It was made with an IKEA kitchen cabinet and wood from home depot. Another nice idea just not sure paper on the bot

July card class

July class was a huge party! Glad you all could make it it really was a wonderful day of friends and card making..  Card # 1 - Felt Bouquet Flower creation was all hand cut and sewn by me. We might have to wait a few months before I do that again!! Card # 2 - Puppy Pocket Card # 3 - Bunch of Wishes I know 3 months with this color combo. Its my favorite right now Sahara sand, soft sky and sweet sorbet. Card #4 - Luxury wishes Card # 5 Hardwood flip Card # 6 -Butterfly Love Card # 7 - Vintage Pop Card # 8 - Birthday Wishes Card # 9 - Sea Worthy Card # 10 - Chalkboard Easel July treat - Sand pail and shovel with chocolate