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July's Card Class

July's Card Class Date: July 6th 2013 Time 9:15-3 Place: Parker Hobby Lobby This class was a lot of fun - like always!!  Everyone made 10+ cards and wiped me out on a bunch. The nice part this time is I was able to make them in a way that if you needed birthday or Thank you it worked.  I supplied both ways to make the card.  Zoe came to play as well. She created a fun Birthday book out of some paper I had. It was so nice she could come and have fun with us and use up some paper I had sitting around to create such a fun book to celebrate her birthday. It was a fun day with the girls - Thank you all for coming to play.... Here are the cards we created: Card # 1 had 3 color choices - blue Card # 1 - Pink Card # 1 - Green  Card # 2 Wedding Card # 3 - For You Card # 4 - Thinking of You Card # 5 - Butterflies Card # 6 - Birthday Card # 7 - Everything Eleanor  Card # 8 - Birthday Skunk Card # 9 - Garden Card # 10 - flowers And the treat bo

Mainstreet General Store space

Mainstreet General Store Here is an update of my space... So when I came into the store I didn't have a card rack that fit the theme of the store and Sharon had these Pepsi crates that I could use until I found the perfect rack. I searched everywhere and all I could find was wire and plastic. I had actually stopped looking since it was so hopeless. And then the perfect thing happened... I found Google images (OK I knew it was there I just rarely use it) Typed in wood card display rack and found a reserve auction on Etsy for a single sided one of these shelves Contacted the seller and asked if he could make me this amazing rack.... He's a genius... This is the evolution thus far of my area in the General Store Original space up until yesterday 7/1 New card rack!  Its amazing and it folds up for easy transport. Side view - still room for some albums Back view - sorry its a little blurry due to the shiny packaging I use and the light next to it.