Sunday, April 29, 2012

Emily's Sealife Book

Today's entry is a special book I made for my niece Emily.
She just had a birthday and I always try to make her something special.
I sent her a gift card for her birthday and told her to let me know what she wanted as her special treat.
(Her birthday is April 15th so you all know I was extra busy!!)
Her request was a Sea life book with Dolphins
So Last week I was at Terry's house - Creative Cuts and More
And she had a book very similar to this with a kit I could buy.
Sorry to anyone who also falls in love it was the last one.
It was great since I just joined her design team...
and I need to learn how to work on this style of books.
It is a hybrid chipboard and acrylic album. I fell in love with the pages and thought it fit the needs Emily described. Plus I would learn a new technique.
Bear with me on the pictures I am trying to show you the album the best way I can. I took pictures of the pages as is and then I added paper to show you the individual pages. Not the prettiest way but effective.

I put a link to Terrys Store after all the pictures so in case you are interested in the diecuts you can go there and take a look around. I will be going there often and can get any orders you guys need. :)
So you can save on shipping!!!! She also has tape and gems so let me know if you need anything at her great prices. I can hook you all up. 

Cover of the book This was the hardest part of the whole album for me.
Creative Cuts and More - Starfish, Seahorse, Crab, Fish, and Seashell dies 
pg 1
Creative Cuts and More - Wave, Seashell and Pocket dies  
pg 2 ( Acrylic)
Creative Cuts and More - Wave, Starfish, Seahorse, and Tab dies  
On the acrylic you can see the depth of the pages through the layers.
I love the affect. The next picture I put a piece of white paper so you could see just the 2nd page of the book.
pg2 -2 (- just the acrylic page without the layers behind)
Creative Cuts and More - Wave, Starfish, Seahorse, and Tab dies  
Pg3-1 (Acrylic)
Creative Cuts and More - Wave, Fish, Starfish, Seahorse, and Tab dies  
Pg3-2 (Acrylic with paper)
Creative Cuts and More -Wave, Fish, Starfish, Seahorse, and Tab dies 
pg4-a - mini tag
Creative Cuts and More -Tag, Pocket,, Fish, and Wave dies

Close up of mini tag front
Creative Cuts and More - Pocket and Tag dies

Close up of the back of the mini tag
Creative Cuts and More - Pocket and  Tag dies 
Pg 4 (standard page)
Creative Cuts and More - Wave and Fish dies
Having these standard pages gives the area a start and a stop which makes this a fun book and something which to me took the "scary" out of acrylic books. I didn't have to plot out an entire book from start to finish. I had little sections. so now we have showcased the 1st part lets move on to the next one....

Creative Cuts and More - Tag and Wave dies on this page

pg6-1 (acrylic)
Creative Cuts and More - Pocket, Tags, Wave and Brackets on this page

pg6-2 (Acrylic with paper)
Creative Cuts and More - Pocket, Tags, and  Brackets on this page 

pg7-1 (acrylic)
Creative Cuts and More - Pocket, Tags, Wave, and Brackets on this page 

pg7-2 (acrylic w/ paper)
Creative Cuts and More - Pocket, Tags, and Brackets on this page 

Center page layout overview

Pg8-1 (acrylic)
Creative Cuts and More - Octopus, Wave and Envelope diecuts

Pg8-2 (Acrylic w/ paper)
Creative Cuts and More - Octopus and Envelope diecuts

Pg9-1 (Acrylic)
Creative Cuts and More - Scallop Circle, Wave and Tab diecuts

Pg9-1 (Acrylic w/paper)
Creative Cuts and More  - Scallop Circle diecut

pg 10-a
Creative Cuts and More - Pocket, Tags, Wave and Seashell dies

mini tag and pocket 3 - front
Creative Cuts and More - Pocket and Tag

Mini tag and pocket back - 4
Creative Cuts and More - Pocket and Tag

Creative Cuts and More - Wave, Tag and Seashell diecuts

Creative Cuts and More - Wave, Scallop Circle, Pocket, Tag diecuts
pg12-1 (Acrylic)
Creative Cuts and More - Pocket, Wave and Tab diecuts

pg12-1 (Acrylic w/ paper)
Creative Cuts and More - Pocket and Tab diecuts

Pg13-1 (Acrylic)
Creative Cuts and More - Pockets, Tab, Wave, Scallop Circle, Tag Diecuts 

Pg13-1 (Acrylic w/ Paper)
Creative Cuts and More - Pocket and Tab Diecuts  

Creative Cuts and More - Wave diecut

The base pages Acrylic and chipboard are all diecut as well from Creative cuts and More as well as the covered paper. This Kit is no longer available (I go the last one sorry girls!!!) But I have some great news we will be creating some more kits in some different themes soon so Check back for some great new themes. and Check out the Creative Cuts and More website for some great deals on cads, diecuts and adhesive. Let me know what you want I can pick it up for you and save you some shipping.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Diaper Cake for Liz and Norah

Ok this is a post about a gift Liz received from my dear Mom Sheila.
Sheila is my step mom through my biological father Dan and well I am not in contact with him, I am in contact with Sheila. As some of you know my background and my parents names and are going What???
(So just to clear that all up really briefly)

But as you are all so dear to me as well I just want to share what Sheila sent to Liz for baby Norah.

 We got the package yesterday and had the cake sitting on the coffee table
waiting for Liz (and Derek) when she got home from school.
 The other side of the cake - Wow it is a masterpiece! 
 Tried to get a picture of her face when she first saw the cake but that didn't work this was the best I could do. But we all know my issues with the camera:) 
Ok I know its blurry but I wanted to make sure we had this shot as well.
 Breaking into the cake and getting the card out.
 A quiet moment with the card :)
 On to the Cake!
I didn't take pictures of the dismantle I just felt it was cruel to take apart the cake!!!
Liz enjoyed finding the items tucked inside and loved everyone of them.
Said Sheila knows her so well and that she misses her so much.
It brought tears to my eyes.  
All the cute items after she dismantled the cake....
I just think of all the time and love it took to put that cake together.
Thank you so much Sheila

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Shower Stuff

Baby Shower For Liz and Norah

 Invitation that was sent out
 Center piece that comes out - had to show the full elephant
Couldn't leave off the dots! These were so fun to add on to the back
and added just that little bit of oomph needed to complete the invitation.

 At the shower Derek, Liz's husband surprised Liz with her best friend Melody
who flew in from Oregon for the weekend
It was a wonderful surprise!

Cupcake toppers I made for the cupcakes
I was really bad at taking pictures at the shower.
There were adorable cupcakes there with these toppers in them
We just didn't get s single picture of them.

Had to add in a handmade card from our dear friend Hanna as she went with our giraffe theme.
Love this card Hanna...
So glad Hanna was able to attend the party.

 The card I made for Liz I knew had to be a special surprise card
as she is always doing my card classes. I had seen one like this online so I figured I could do it.
I loved that I was able to capture her face in the picture as my camera had acted up all day.

 So here is the card closed .. Liz said card??? Mom that's not a card...

 Here is a top view of the card

Here is the side view of the card

Funny thing on this card is I didn't have any wire at the house. In my purge last year I must had gotten rid of it so I was not sure what I was going to do about the boingy flowers. And it just isn't the card I wanted without them soooo. When Liz got up I asked her if she could think of anything in the house that had wire in it I could use for a card that was kind of springy. She instantly thought of a ball point pen. My smarty girl... Said she gets bored in class and takes pens apart all the time and there is a spring inside that is well a spring. Would that work. So she took one apart and sure enough 1 spring would do 2 flowers. So when she went downstairs to get ready for the shower I cut it in 1/2 and hot glued the flowers to the end of the spring added hot glue to the other end of the spring added it to the card and closed it back up.  (I used springs from 2 pens to add 3 flowers)
So when in doubt of a needed item for your card ask a college student!

Coming soon the Thank you card we just made.....

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Card Class

Creative Cards Class
Come and have fun making 10 Fun and creative cards!
Cost $35
Date: April 7, 2012
Time: 10-3 or until you finish your cards
RSVP: Please email or call ASAP with your intent to attend the class so I can have your kit ready and plan for lunch thanks - I have a few kits still available for this weekends class.
Location: Parker Hobby Lobby
*Lunch is provided - Sub sandwich, chips, dessert and bottled water (chocolate on the table to snack on too!) You are welcome to bring your own drink if you desire but please bring it in a sealable container as to not spill on the table. Thank you so much for thinking of others on this matter. 
*Bring: basic adhesive, Bone folder, and scissors (all other products will be provided by me in the class)

Card #1Take Care

Card # 2 Teen Birthday

Card # 3 Elephant Wishes

Card #4 Floral Celebration

Card #5 Birthday Trucks

Card #6 Hello My Friend

Card #7 Get Well

Card #8 Cup Cake Sparkle

Card #9 Button Smile

Card # 10 Special Thank you

Class Treat for April were these adorable paper eggs
The floral pattern turned out to be my favorite.
Lots of gluing but these are so adorable!