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Last of the current Old Change ups

So this is the last of these change ups for now. I am debating what I want to do for the Easter Dinner we had at my mom's. I don't really have great pictures and I am not sure if I want to fight the process. Time will tell.... SOOOO these are my favorite of the set. Jason doesn't care for them as the background is Espresso. I used it because I thought it looked great and reminded me of a chocolate bunny. So again I have taken pictures from the 12X12 layouts (4 of them) and divided them up by kid for their books. The picture sizes were all over the board and not really able to cut down some of the larger ones so this is what I came up with: Details: Base paper is Espresso from CTMH Patterned paper is Echo Park Welcome Easter Pink Pattern paper (4) 2 X 4 Basket paper (2)6 X 8 Matted on White Daisy (2) 6 1/8 X 8 1/4 (Only need the border on the outside edges) Plaid paper is (2) 2 X 8.5 Photo's are matted with Espresso as well as the title and verbiage pieces. Embellishment

Old Layout Change up #2

The next set is of the Egg hunt Easter Morning. Had to use the "Time to shake your bushy tail" We said that a lot to the kids when they were little So these were another set that wouldn't really fit on one of my premade layouts. I also struggled dividing up the pictures for the girls as none except Miranda's were that good. I even tried to find the film or saved photo's from  2005 and sadly my 2005 bucket starts in mid April with my niece being born. Skipped backing up Easter apparently.  Probably thought I got this stuff done I don't need to do any of that saving stuff?!?!?   Details: Base paper is White Daisy Patterned paper is Echo Park Welcome Easter Idea was a layout I saw online that had lots of patterns layered over each other. I cut the bunny butts and the Easter mashup with the cricket 2 (4" circles) Egg paper was cut to 4 X 8 Flower, plaid and bunny paper was cut to 2 X 4 I used a pink polka dot paper out of the set for the photo mats and the ba

Old Layout Change Up -

So with changing all the photo books to 8.5 X 11.25 there will be layouts in old books that will change to the new size. I know the saying is don't ever go back and re do your books. Well I am changing it all up and its a more manageable size to work with. Plus I feel like I had too many pictures for each event and was just adding them all to take up space. Now with the smaller size its easier to use just the ones that matter. With the transfer I am using photo's that were previously cut for the old layouts so its a little harder to  put them in the stuff I am creating. I took some paper out I hadn't used yet and created the Easter events for 2005. I will do 3 posts for these layouts. I had a grouping of photos of my kids dying Easter eggs It was  of course on a 12 X 12 layout taking up 4 pages. Yikes right!!! So I took the pictures and bought some new stickers that were close to the original and this is what I came up with: Details: Baser paper is Carolina from CTMH Then W