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Pen storage

Jason got me this new pen storage for my Copic markers. My old pen holder was for 72 markers and I now have 81 markers so I had 9 markers sitting to the side looking all lonely. I saw this holder online and thought it would be a nice addition to my desk and it has individual trays to add to it so I don't have to break the bank when I add more pens to my collection. Love how they all lay in their individual spots and when I take one out of its spot it just comes out and doesn't pull out its surrounding colors like the old holder. Organization at its finest!!! A little pic of Norah after she and her mom attacked the gingerbread house!

2013 Calendars

~2013 Calendars~ I'm not going to lie and say this was an easy project this year. It was not I don't know what I was thinking, thinking I could accomplish this in a month.... But I did with the help of Lizzie... Thank goodness for Lizzie. So I did 10 of these this year also not sure where that notion came from... I sat down in I think August and did the initial Snowman page for January and his photo mat is a different size then the rest. So when I got back to these about the last week of November/beginning of December (I know crazy me 10 calendars planned and I am not working on them until December!) And that's not the half of the drama!! So I started out cutting the paper and putting it in the buckets for later assembly by hopefully the elves that come in the night. This of course was not happening. I apparently was going to have to assemble these myself. hmm where was I going to find the time?? As you can see I was slightly worried at this point and the rug was still und

December's Card Class

December has been a wild ride!! This card class was held on the 1st of December - I know its now the end of December.. Crazy how time flies.... Between making my Holiday crafts and cards, heading back to work earlier then expected and my daughter coming for a nice long trip at Christmas I just have not had time to post. This was the big Christmas Card Class We created 6 different cards 3 of each for a total of 18 card Card #1 Christmas Wreath  - this is a Z fold card Card #2 - Sweet Snowman Card # 3 - Pop up Ornament Card # 4 - Acetate Snowflakes Card #5 Elegant Trees Card # 6 Poinsettias Here are some inside pics of card # 6 The Santa treat box