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Frozen stand card

Rachelle needed a couple of Elsa and Anna cards from the movie Frozen. I am loving these stand cards but I couldn't find one with snowflakes... hmm what to do???? Buy the flower version and add snowflakes! Turned out just the way I had hoped it would. Glad they have free print outs on line for all the Disney movies.

Birthday Stand card

Another order from my sister. Fun stand card for a little girl that loves pink. Love these stand cards... Who knows you might see a couple in the upcoming classes...

Birthday slider box

I needed a gift card type of box for an upcoming family birthday ~here is what I found in the Silhouette store. Awesome cut file easy to assemble and what a fun pop up to give as well. Its a little hard to read but it says Birthday Wishes fun little cupcake on the top with glitter frosting.  Opens to show some fun balloons, cupcake and a candle. Behind it all holds cash or a gift card.


My sister had a few requests as you have probably guessed from the other posts. One was an Olaf card I of course hemmed and hawed over it for a bit and then when I purchased the files for a tree card for the Christmas card class Liz fell in love with the snowflake card in the set. After a couple of days she mentioned she wanted to create the snowflake card and put Olaf where the church was. I of course jumped at it since it would help me compete another card order. 1st Olaf card with pearls After Jeana saw this one she wanted another one for yet another Frozen lover.... I changed it up this time with Bling Front view with Bling Side view of bling version There is a lot of love for this card so I have decided we will create this card in the December card class. You will have the option of Olaf or the standard version with the church. 

1st Birthday box card

Needed a couple of cards for my sister to give out. This card is for a 1st birthday so I purchased a fun birthday box card cut file and  added the #1. Kept this really simple as I was a little pressed for time But the outcome turned out really cute so I thought I would share it with you all.  Side view Used some leftover SU birthday basics paper

Sympathy for a dear friend

I found out on Facebook that my BF from grade school - High school's brother passed away. I wanted a simple slightly masculine but a touch of feminine card. Found a few ideas online and this is the outcome. The main thing I wanted to have was the cut background in cream on cream. Gave the cards online a very elegant look. So I found a background cut file I liked (and I already owned it) Cut it out slowly on the silhouette and it cut beautifully - getting it off the mat was a challenge. Added some simple flowers and pearls with a vine behind it. Seemed the right balance and with it all in cream gave me the feel I was looking for. 

September card class

September was the Christmas card class We made 6 different cards 3 of each for a total of 18 cards per kit. Wondrous Wreath card Nortic Noel paper with a silhouette fun fold card Bright and Beautiful card Tree box card Joyful Wishes Penguin and snowman wishes Treat box - top treat box side

Sofia the First Banner

My sister is doing a Sofia the First party for my niece Kamryn and asked if I could recreate a banner she found on Etsy. Of course I said no problem. Here is the final product: Completed banner took up a good portion of my dining room table. The one section is for her first birthday photo shoot the rest is for her birthday party. Some close up shots of the pieces   Each Sofia is layered with gold glitter paper, purple shimmer paper, burgundy/purple shimmer paper and then the image from the internet printed and glitter glue on the dress and crown. Embellished with flowers and gems.  Each letter is cut in gold glitter paper and then layered on purple shimmer, purple glitter paper, burgundy/purple shimmer paper then cream with a glitter crown at the top of the letters only Sample of just the HAPPY section.

Desks and Workspaces

These are some random ideas I found that just felt fun. Love the feel of this craft space. Ikea is a great place to get some fun shelving units that help you keep the clutter down.  Amazing center island workspace These Ikea shelves have so much potential. Great use of the Ikea shelving unit. 

Stamp Storage ideas

Some fun ideas I found .... This is an amazing idea for stamp storage Adorable desk top unit  Another WOW cabinet think of all the stamps you could store in those drawers... (and other items) Love the look of this unit very clean and organized. Fun corner unit to hang the stamp sets in plastics Drawers and more drawers.

Embellishment Storage

Always looking for fun and unique storage ideas for Embellishments Tackle box idea is always one I find plenty of pictures of. I have never succeeded with this method my stuff gets too mixed up Love this set I have 2 of them and they store stuff beautifully!! Liz wants one of these and I have been kind of on the fence maybe when we move back downstairs Ill get one to move supplies from scraproom to office for easy creating??? Little plastic jars  Pill box - Love this idea but I rarely use the eyelets LOVE this drawer set with the divider - how does she keep it clean???? Thought about getting this often maybe a good alternative to hiding my littles in a box and never using them.  All I can say is WOW! love this cabinet Another drawer divider. I found a few of these in my quest for embellishment storage  and I am impressed with the cleanliness of the storage piece.  Old Faithful - Plastic Show boxes. These store lots of littles and stack nicely. Not to

Jar Storage Fun

Ever think of just getting random jars for your special hoardings? I started getting jars here and there for some of my random items that don't really fit in other spots. I hope to get some fun shapes and sizes as I build my collection. Love this idea with all the little spools for your little pieces of ribbon and lace. Great tip on hanging basic jars so many ideas are floating out there for holding you little loose items   Popsicle sticks for saving ribbon and such a simple jar to make them look amazing I love this idea for Bakers twine So many buttons - I wish I had this collection Love this organized drawer  So fun I can see lots of supplies in these. Can't forget washi tape! Nice rack for those little bits and pieces Baby food jars - Adorable unit and so easy! Lots of fun here