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Pirate Fairy card - Norah's 3rd birthday

The theme for Norah's kid party was Pirate Fairy We went to Chuck E Cheese this year instead of one of the houses. Nice change and easier to clean up. Cannot believe this child is 3 - The time has flown by. Birthday Dress - a special treat I found when Nancy and I had lunch at Cracker Barrel. (They have a very nice GF menu) This is the card before I added the Pirate Fairy's I was too afraid to add the faces to them so I took it to the party and had Liz do it. I cut out Tinkerbell and Periwinkle for the card. I used the new box card from SVG cuts and then added different cut files to create this fun card. (The map is a print and cut file) I just love the pirate ship...

Fathers Day - Dr Who edition....

The other drama of Fathers Day is my husband is also not a sports, sailing, etc guy. But he does love his sci-fi shows so a few years ago I made him a paper Tardis for Fathers Day (or his birthday??) and he loved it. Its still in our bedroom on a shelf. Ive looked around for a while for some Darlik cut files and I have not found anything I could make that was cool. There is a print/cut and assemble thing that is quite horrible to say the least. Sooo. Here we were at Fathers Day again and I needed a card that would be a piece of art..... Lord help me! Well I was searching and searching for some cut files I happened upon this set one is the Dr's and one is the villains and After seeing another box card done I was sure I could get something good out of the deal. So I cut the files and started assembling the card. I got almost done and realized I was not going to have anything for the sides and front of the box. So I started looking at the show pictures and one thing stood out and tha

Fathers Day Card - The Papa's

Okay I know I did a masculine set and some Fathers Day cards for class.. But here is the problem my dad and Jason's are not into sports or Sailing as well as both are retired.  Its one frustrating thing I deal with 3 times a year (birthdays and Fathers day) We send them a gift card and I thought about sending a card that matched Don - Olive Garden I searched for the right Italian themed die cuts and stamps .... NOTHING! Then my dad we send a gift card to Home Depot where he gets more flowers for his amazing yard SO looking for masculine flower cards - Oh my goodness the drama of the Dad cards!!!! So in the search I came across a card that kind of fit it was a tropical theme and I thought I could change it up a bit and add some fun little rest and relaxation dies to it. The original card had the leaves, coconut drink with umbrella and sun with the box base I added the chair and the adorable crab. As well as omitted some items. Lets just say when all was said and done I

Our adventure - Vacation Album

Vacation album request -  This one is for instate travel. Not a lot of paper choices out there for it. I found this paper and got what I could - Of course It was discontinued! It has a very retro feel to the paper and stickers. Front cover Pages 2 and 3 Pages 4 and 5 Pages 6 and 7 had to use the car bingo sheets - I used to play that game for hours! Pages 8 and 9 Pages 10 and 11 Pages 12 and 13 Pages 14 and 15 Pages 16 and 17 Pages 18 and 19 Pages 20 and 21 Pages 22 and 23 Back cover

Quick Purse Treat Bags

Got an order for some quick bags for a trip and this is what I came up with: Had just gotten this paper and when the request came in I thought how perfect this paper would be for a beach type purse bag. While I was creating these I had a little helper come and steal one. Of course I cut another for the order and she got to keep her new bag. Which  she promptly went into the scraproom and filled with candy! She is very proud of her swiping techniques

Row house - My first house building experience!

So in trying to take a few of the pictures for the kits and the house I built I had a helper arrive for an overnight stay and she decided that the  treat box from the masculine kit was perfect to help her fix/build the Row house. I was taking the kit pictures and she wanted up to get her picture taken and of course needed the wrench box and the row house to work on.... She was too fast to get any good in progress pictures but I got a couple cute ones of her When she decided to sit still. One of my favorite pictures of Norah. Gave up on the pictures in the photo area and just took some in its resting spot. Front view of the house This was a fun and eventful project. Watched the assembly video multiple times but got her built. very happy with the finished product. 

Doggie Book

Lots of catching up on projects some in May and some in June. This book was a request for someone that lost their Dog recently. Its always hard to make a passing book but I felt if I stayed neutral and used this sweet doggie die It could work. I'm happy with the outcome. I used a large bone for them to add in some journaling about their lost pet as well as left off doggie quotes as most were not for a lost pet. Also the paper I was finding was horrible finally found this cute digital paper and it all fell together. Cover Probably the hardest part of the album but after finding this dog house die it all came together. Pages 2 and 3 Pages 4 and 5 Pages 6 and 7 Pages 8 and 9 Pages 10 and 11 Pages 12 and 13 Pages 14 and 15 Back cover

Butterfly Mobile

Pink and White Butterfly mobile project This was a fun project using butterfly dies ribbon, tulle and a wire mobile top. This is one of those live and learn projects!! I started a part of it to see if I would like it. I did ... so I had butterflies hanging to work around.. This project is much better if you tie the ribbon and tulle around the top then add all the butterflies.  Used the desk to help tie the tulle and ribbon on the rest of the top. Kept the butterflies in line rather then a tangled mess After finishing the pink butterflies and the top tulle and ribbon Jason hung it in the scrap room so I could see what needed to be done next. It was missing some fluff so I decided to add in White butterflies just a tad bit smaller between all the pink ones. Also he came up with a hanger option so I could reach. Lower for working on and white added in. I wish I had gotten a picture of the one Abby completed she added pink and clear rhinestones to her butterflies it

Dad Book for Fathers Day

Dad book using the Simple Stories Dad Kit This was a fun book to create and I found this cut file for the cover that fit perfectly. There are 3 left of this album $35 Great album to give as a Fathers Day gift just add some pictures and wrap! Love this cut file for the cover. Its perfect! Pages 2 and 3 Pages 4 and 5 Pages 6 and 7 Pages 8 and 9 Pages 10 and 11 I didn't take a picture of the back it is just solid front cover paper. Left it plain 

June Card Class

June Card Class June 6, 2015 Parker Hobby Lobby 10 cards and a treat for $35 We had fun creating the newest cards with our friends.... Card #1 - Papaya Apothecary Card #2 - Masculine Stars Card #3 - Petite Wishes Card #4 - Eclectic Wings Card #5 - Vintage Butterfly Card #6 - Owl Birthday Tree Card #7 - Simply Sailing Card #8 - Catalog Sampler Card #9 - Serene Blossoms Card #10 - Everything DAD! June treat box Picture taken before we added the hanging tag and wrench.