Friday, June 4, 2010

Recipe Tin Class

This class was held in February and March of 2010
I am behind on my blog entries - Sorry about that
But Tax season and Miranda's Surgery took over my life
Good news was I did classes here and there just didn't get pictures posted.

The pictures here are of my Tin I made for my best friend Tammy for her Birthday last year.
She will get it this year! As I am a bad best friend!!! :)
Everyone in the class chose their own paper to suit the needs of the person they were giving the tin to.
the biggest challenge with these tins this round was that most of them were going to Canada and Australia so we had to come up with a metric version of the Chart on the inside.
That was a fun and interesting afternoon!!!
Rachelle and I managed to overcome the conversion and get the tins done.
I must say they turned out amazing and I hope all the recipients loved them as much as all of the girls making them loved making them for those lucky women!!!


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