Monday, August 29, 2011

Girls Weekend Update!

Girls Weekend Update!
Wow it was a blast! Wish the rest of you could have been there to enjoy it as well.
Tons of food and fun.
Favorite parts:
Spa: We stopped at the spa 1st and had our spa treatments I had a pedicure which was way overdue.
My toes are looking good! Some had massages – They looked quite relaxed and recouped after their long journey! Then it was off to the Condo to start the rest of our getaway
: I know I’m bad but I love food and well let’s embrace it!
Had these tasty little date, almond, crème cheese wrapped in bacon appetizers and oh my goodness they were good. Rachelle was the little culprit there she is a wizard!
I brought an actual appetizer I had to make not just cut up it was spinach, artichokes, Alfredo sauce, crème cheese, mozzarella, parmesan, and some garlic. Some I put in Philo cups and the rest we ate with chips. The part with chips was Gluten free so I could eat it and I must say it was nummy. (Will be making that tasty treat again) There was quiche and fresh fruit as well as chips and salsa, crackers and some cheese stuff that we removed the labels before we all knew what it was so we just knew it was good. All I can say is we ate and ate and ate!
Dinner: I know still on the food! We went to the Swiss Chalet and had Fondue or should I say FUNDO!
Cheese fondue, oil fondue and broth fondue as well as a grill type cooking at our table. It was great. Topped it off with chocolate dips with fruit and treats
Mini Card Class: We had 5 cards to create some finished 2 some 3 and will try to get on over to complete them at my house or on their own. (Pictures of the completed cards to follow) I love doing card classes so you know this was one of my favorite parts. We just had to go to dinner so we couldn’t finish all the cards.
Treat Bags: I have to add this in here I loved making these bags for everyone they were so fun and I might add cute! These are probably my favorite treat bag so far that I have made and so easy too!
So fun to fill not as easy to fill as to make but a fun process all the same.
Condo: WOW is all I can say Rachelle found us an amazing place to stay the place was very nice and spacious we had 7 girls in there and there was space for everyone. Beautiful views from all the rooms.
Very relaxing and spacious retreat.
Bar Life: This is an interesting one. I’m not a bar girl but I will say I had fun at the karaoke night. They had some great singers and some interesting ones. The things I thought were quite interesting on that were how a great singer at the beginning of the night got so bad later and another just stayed true all night. And then some just were bad. Now we got up there and we were just great so I guess you just have to be awesome like us to shine!  (By the way we really did get up and I stayed in the back and away from the microphone)
Breakfast: Back to my favorite things FOOD! We had some tasty eggs with cheese and salsa in them. Rachelle got creative since we didn’t have any butter or spices. Topped off with Fruits, bagels, muffins, sausages, and juice. It was a feast before we headed out of the condo.
Street Market: Holy Cow it was huge! The street market was a huge ongoing event down every avenue and we only saw a small portion of it. We stopped on our way out to get some treats to take home. It was a great adventure and we didn’t lose anyone!
We all made it home safe and sound with lots of stories to tell our hubbies!


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