Sunday, July 27, 2014

Organizing hmm is it just fun or an obsession!!!

Some more photo's I've come across as I peruse the internet in my down time.
Some ideas I think you'll like and some are more what I am looking for....

This is a great idea. With the thought that I will be having drawers in the new room someday I am thinking a small drawer for my punches is a great idea and I could easily find what I need if they were ever to stay this organized. Right now they are in a box - tossed about and I have to search for the punch I need.
(Not my large whale ones they have a special space on my wall hanging on IKEA rails)

Very cute idea for scraping with friends.
I tend to not travel scrap - I have too much stuff!

A little dresser for ribbon! Oh my goodness how adorable but where would I put it???

Love the look of this paper storage - I'm dreaming of this kind of look...

This might be reality but Im hoping for the paper tray options!!!

I love jars so this is a must pic to see. How fun to have different jars about

More jars! I'm not sure this is right for me but I thought it was a cute idea
These are the shelves I use to hold my spools of ribbon.
IKEA has them!!! New ones they have now have a little oomph at the front.

All I see here is Norah making a mess!
But I love the concept just not sure I could trust this stuff down in a drawer at toddler level
(She is a spiller!!!) got a hold of my clear embossing powder the other day and I am lucky Miranda was saying baby, baby, baby so I rescued it before most of it was on the floor.
My scrap room is not toddler friendly

Now really who has this little washi tape???
You buy this stuff for a project and you still have a  large amount left after that you have to store. I have chosen the jar storage but I am out of that jar the next time I place an SU order - new Christmas Washi tape set is coming!!! So reality is this is ADORABLE but not realistic for most. 


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