Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Thank you for Jennifer

My sister is letting us use her house for Allison's shower.
So I thought I would make one of these cards for her as a Thank you
Thinking a nice bottle of wine to accompany will be a special treat.
Liz has graciously offered to help me get said wine since of course
I pick by pretty label and that's not apparently how you do it.
This is the picnic card but I just thought it was so cute
Front flap - Grapes in gems
Row #1 - Wine glass and silverware with a red button (I added glossy to the wine glass)
Row # 2 - Wine bottle and glass with button accent (again added glossy to the wine glass)
Row #3 - Flowers and a button accent ( Added gems and glossy to the flowers)
Back area is 2 plates and a button accent

Another view

Side view - you can see the plates here

what a fun card to create.


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