Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fathers Day Card - The Papa's

Okay I know I did a masculine set and some Fathers Day cards for class..
But here is the problem my dad and Jason's are not into sports or Sailing as well as both are retired. 
Its one frustrating thing I deal with 3 times a year (birthdays and Fathers day)

We send them a gift card and I thought about sending a card that matched
Don - Olive Garden I searched for the right Italian themed die cuts and stamps .... NOTHING!
Then my dad we send a gift card to Home Depot where he gets more flowers for his amazing yard
SO looking for masculine flower cards - Oh my goodness the drama of the Dad cards!!!!

So in the search I came across a card that kind of fit it was a tropical theme and I thought I could change it up a bit and add some fun little rest and relaxation dies to it.
The original card had the leaves, coconut drink with umbrella and sun with the box base
I added the chair and the adorable crab. As well as omitted some items.

Lets just say when all was said and done I was feeling happy 
when I mailed these off and another year was DONE!

Front view

Left View

Right View


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