Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Row house - My first house building experience!

So in trying to take a few of the pictures for the kits and the house I built
I had a helper arrive for an overnight stay and she decided that the  treat box from
the masculine kit was perfect to help her fix/build the Row house.
I was taking the kit pictures and she wanted up to get her picture taken and of course
needed the wrench box and the row house to work on....

She was too fast to get any good in progress pictures but I got a couple cute ones of her
When she decided to sit still.

One of my favorite pictures of Norah.

Gave up on the pictures in the photo area and just took some in its resting spot.

Front view of the house

This was a fun and eventful project. Watched the assembly video multiple times but got her built.
very happy with the finished product. 


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