Monday, December 26, 2011

Wizard of Oz Book

This is a book based off of the Archivers kit they have using the Graphic 45 Magic of OZ papers and chipboard. Janie Loves the Wizard of OZ and when I saw this set I just had to make this album for her.
Last year she had requested a book and I could not find anything I loved out there so I made a book using items from another paper piecing site I use (yes there are others I buy from other then Scrap chick)
Its a cute set, made a fun book but it just wasn't what I had really wanted to make for her.
Sooo.. when I was out scouting about for things and saw this paper it was just what I had in mind LAST YEAR!!! So I had to make this book.
You will see what I mean as you look at this book. The paper is just amazing.

Had to have a Follow the Yellow Brick Road page!
not an overly special page just a simple filler page.

Glinda - This is one of my favorite pages (you will hear this a few times)
I love the card paper and the ability to cut these guys up and use them to decorate the pages.
The flowers were yet another paper that I cut up to add some height and oomph. 

Scarecrow just to cute he was used a lot in the Archivers book  but he became a favorite of mine as well. 

Interesting this lion card was not used  in the Archivers book and the word Courage was just blank on  the page.
I couldn't have an OZ book without the Lion card. Felt empty. Loved adding the flowers to dress up the page as well.
The splash of the poppies is just right.

Love the position of the scarecrow and had to use him.
This page wouldn't be complete without the chipboard tag and brads. 

Another page that had an amazing cutout on it.
 Love this paper!!! 

Mr Tin man and the heart paper. Had to leave this very simple - the paper is so wonderful. 

This is the other side to the above page. the lion and the tin man are yet another cut out of this amazing paper.
Are you shopping for this paper yet???

This page is 1 of 4 pieces that were on a 12X12 page.
I just couldn't cover them up with photo mats.  (The 1st is on the cover.)
Added the chipboard here to give it just a little pop.

Not too much here as the background paper was so sweet.

Not a huge Wicked Witch fan but again this paper was killer!
Love the card of her and the paper just pops with the compass. 

This version of the flying monkeys is a tad bit comical
Another of my favorite pages. 
Group shot!

Love the chipboard tag with the slippers. 

Munchkins and a little boy. The cards were cute so they got to go in the book.

This is part 3 of the 4 pieces used the chipboard over the feet to pop it up.

The Emerald City page is another favorite Used the paper to create the decoration.

Last of the 4  solid pieces.
 Placed the chipboard Lion in the upper corner to add him to the picture.
 Got tired of them leaving him out.

Pocket time! (Wanted to add tons of tags)
Isn't that paper to hold the tags amazing. 

Other pocket. and more tags

Tons of tags turned out to be 8 ....




Last of the Tags
Well that's the Wizard of Oz book I created using the amazing papers and Chipboard I purchased at Archivers after seeing a sample on Ebay and then the store sample as well.
The one thing I do need to add is the binding was something I will need to take into account next time I do one of these books. I used my bind it all and I forgot that I really don't like that thing. It never lays nice. Well aside from the binding the book turned out amazing and I can't wait to see what Janie does with it.


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