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New Office set up!

The new office is 99.9% complete
just need a few more picture frames here and there and its all done.
I opened up the closets and took pictures so you can get a good idea
of what I have been up to lately...
Pretty darn busy moving 2 offices into 1 office upstairs in the old guest room.
It is now painted the pretty beige color nstead of the sage green. I did like the old color but the new one makes the room so much bigger feeling. Got some awesome shelves for the closet from IKEA, purged a bunch of stuff and carried the keepers up 4 flights of stairs.

Left side of the closet is the shared side with Jason. I have the top for my Scrapbooking themed Iris 12X12 storage units and then some random items I have yet to find homes for.
 (candy for classes and my mini garbage cans)
The next 4 shelves are for Jason's magic cards then follows the shelf for the home office supplies.
The bottom 2 on this side are my scrap needs well the bottom one I am sharing with the receipt box. I'm just a sharing Kind of girl! I was so impressed on these shelves with how much I can store. My pattern paper fits nicely in the 12X12 file box using the Cropper Hopper paper folders -
Easy to keep organized and use.

The right side is more my side - I have the cardboard boxes from IKEA 2 deep holding my embellishments, random little punches, sponges, bling, back up adhesive, embossing folders, clear stamps, loose wood stamps, etc... I was able to fit all my needs in these boxes. I also got 2 clear plastic ones to hold my ink refills and my mini craft spots. fit perfectly and the nice thing about the shelves is that we were able to put the shelves at the levels we needed so it all fit the way we wanted not the way someone else felt it should. On top of this side is my Embossing powders and glitter and at the bottom is my larger dies for the Big Shot. Everything fits perfect. There is room to the side that I have put my extra trimmers even. There is talk of building shelves there as well but for now it is empty corner space.

My new beautiful shelves my husband made me.. we needed a place to put our extra printer and my books that I kept as well as some of my ribbon so we looked about and they just do not make any thing for this kind of space so Jason was so sweet and after tons of cuts and routing had these shelves done so I could paint them to match the trim. I love them. They just make the space. And a bonus is that the area the printer is in will fit a TV for when the room is turned back into a guest room!
Still need a couple of picture frames for the pictures of my girls but other then that this area is done.

My stamp area pretty much the same as when it was down stairs 

My punches - Love them and so glad they are just where I can reach them.
Derek was brilliant when he said put them under the window. I wasn't sure where these were going to fit.

Desk and work area - my side with my new shelves and inks all handy for me to grab when needed

Jason's side - I know I use more of the desk but he doesn't scrap!

Close up of my work area - Jason made me a little cubby that I have my quick grab
adhesive and random items plus my find from Hobby Lobby to hold more tools.
 I love having all my tool needs so quick to grab. 

My paper rack. I have switched to all SU paper so its easier to keep it organized.
The paper fits into a manila folder and then into a hanging folder so the scraps I place in front of the manila folder and if I have an unopened package of the paper I put it behind the manila folder.

So now you have seen the new office - The basement is all cleared out and ready for Derek and Liz to move in next month. Move in date is the 17th.


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