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Teacher Gifts - End of the year 2013

Teacher Gifts!
It always gets here quicker then I think it will. 
I even planned this year better and it was still a quick finish project!

So the gift this round came about by the fruity Via pouches I saw at Walmart when I was shopping.
I thought wouldn't it be a nice treat to get a fruity drink and cup with their gift card this year since a couple of the assistants are not into coffee and I was racking my brain as to what other gift card to get them. 
I even inquired if that drink was available at Starbucks when I got all 14 of the gift cards. Yep it is...
So here is this gift process and it was by far the most spendy one yet!

I got the cups and went by looks rather then size (1/2 were larger and 1/2 were small) so it was a trip back to Walmart to exchange the larger cups that were 24 oz to the 16 oz size. I read the instructions on the Via pouches and you add them to 16 oz of water. Silly me I could have saved that trip had I read the box at the store... I actually liked the larger cups better but I really wanted them to just be able to add water and drop it in without measuring and wasting a second of their time. 
Next it was getting the chocolate - I kept debating between the balls and the bars that Ghirardelli offers or do I search for some of those ice cube balls??? I went with the bars it was easy to find and I wanted to make sure I was completed with time to spare (haha!!!) so I now had the cups, the via pouches and the chocolate in the cups and I was so proud of myself to have this part completed 2 weeks before school ended.  This of course was my downfall I was overconfident and I was so proud to be almost done.

The day before school is over I am still at this stage of the gift!!! What am I thinking?
Just that I need to do the gift card and then get a tag of some sort and it will take minutes!!!!! (again haha!!)
Miranda got home from school and we ran over to Starbucks to get the cards -the guy was so nice - They no longer have the multi packs of gift cards  great I am going to get the look! He asks how many and how much. I say 14 at $5 he doesn't cringe or get frustrated just lets me pick them out and starts ringing them through. 
This part is done now to get home and add them to the cups. Simple and done!
Now the tags - reminding you we are now at about 1 in the afternoon maybe 2. I am not sure what I want them to look like just know that they need to get done.  Sooo I open up my silhouette and start looking for that one of a kind fab tag or something easy to make that will be fun.  I came across a tag set that looked promising with some tweaking. I was elated to say the least. This one I could cut out the pocket portion and then work on the tag which needed some help. It was just one layer and I felt it needed 2. Easy to fix! Now that was done and Jason was now home and of course it was dinner time. 
I didn't really have time for dinner but I figured I should eat to refuel and get back to the project.
After dinner I though about what stamps I have that would be perfect for this project and came up blank. So sitting in front of the stamp area I started looking for the perfect one, found the hedgehogs I had bought and have never used... stamped and then cut a circle out that would fit in the scallop circle it was so cute. Now to color it all. Started grabbing copics and came up smiling with the results there. Added the circle to the tag and it looked boring. Grabbed ribbon and was one happy girl. 
Now to have Miranda sign the cards.... Took some coaxing but she did it.
Next debate was attaching them to the cup. Ribbon or would the hole in the pocket fit? 
I am happy to say the hole worked as I felt the ribbon would come off to easy in transport. 
So after all that here are the pictures of the finished project...

Cups with one opened to see the goodies inside

Close up of the goodies and tag

All sealed up and ready to go to school...

Now to start planning the Christmas gift!


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