Sunday, May 27, 2012

Imagine That! Shopping trip

Here are some of the papers I got when I was shopping at the store in Roswell New Mexico 
The store was named Imagine That! 

It has about 7200 square feet of shopping and I browsed through 1 large room of fun stuff and 2 smaller rooms before we had to go. Miranda was not impressed until I had her help me look for stuff and even then was just ready to go. As you can imagine I did not see everything but then again I think I covered what would get me through the next few weeks....

 Got this for a bag book for Baby Norah
 Terry has been talking of doing a Dino book and I saw this paper from 3 bugs in A Rug and just thought it was so cute. I got extra to even try to do a semi girly one for Norah as Liz loves Dino's...
Little Yellow Bicycle had a set of stickers that I had to add in as well.
 Couldn't pass up on a few of the animal items they had. as well
 Love this divided 12X12 paper I found it is perfect for cards gives me 8 choices!
This one is by Nikki Sivils and titled My lil Monster
This was another one I found and its by Daisy Bucket
Goggled Daisy Bucket when I got home and they are no longer making paper.
So disappointing. Very fun paper. The back side is just of frames with monsters I felt this side with 4 patterns was worth the price. 

So That was my scrapbooking store adventure on our trip. I had a fun time in this store and I wish they were closer as the staff was great and very helpful as well as knowledgeable. Always a plus when you are shopping. If you are down in Roswell I would recommend stopping by and seeing these ladies.

These pictures were taken just outside the store I posted them yesterday but I am re-posting them today because they are so cute!! All around Roswell they have these wood alien statues and I just thought they were fun so when we were by one I had Jason and Miranda pose. I was good and didn't make us stop at each one. (there were a lot) and I didn't take pictures of all the aliens around town (again there were a lot) but when we were at an establishment I made sure to get a few shots of them with the aliens. Glad Jason and Miranda are such good sports.... but Jason did say no to me bringing one home.


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