Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tear-able Tape

Killer White Tear-able Tacky Tape

Okay so most of you know I have been a loyal fan of certain adhesives and its been hard to make me switch. Over the years I have used tabs then the dotto - oh my that stuff was horrid! and then moved to a brand that was no longer available through Rogers Kokiok or something like that and then I found I loved Tombo - Still do for some things. But nothing holds really well or for long periods of time.
But I l fell in love with Score tape at Archivers and started using it for my boxes holds the suckers together like a dream. So in saying that I didn't quite like the price for using it on things like cards. just not feasible for that kind of use.  Now Melissa started using Terry's Tear-able tape and started raving from the get go but me no I can't switch I have too much of the other stuff to waste. And as most of you all know me I am not a waster of adhesive. I use just enough.
So here I am working on Leticia's 70 graduation cards and I finish the moment is good I am feeling great it is Tuesday I had started on Monday so you got it, I am in the "score" moment of feeling and I look over and the adhesive is not holding the center of the card. Oh crap I have 70 of these to fix!!!!

I'm not sure if you can see in the picture but the blue layer is not fully laying correctly in the card. I had to open  all the cards and use the Killer white Tear-able Tacky tape to fix all these cards. I am now a believer. It really works. And for only $6 for a roll of 55 yards of tape I won't be using anything else to put my cards together again! When you see the Graduation blog post you will understand my issue with the redo on these cards. I am finishing up the party invites right now just took a mini break and I need to do some thank you's for her then I will be able to post these pictures. Hope for Tomorrow.
And yes I am only using the Tear-able tape on the party invites and thank you's no more falling apart for me!!!!
Happy Tuesday girls,


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