Friday, June 22, 2018

Closet Post #2

Left side of the closet:
This is the side that now holds my personal items on the farthest left shelves.
Center area is SU paper, my Stamp perfects at the top and the spiral punch at the bottom.

In the bottom under the unit I have used this space to hold the photo box set I got and some paper.

A look at the inside of the drawers:
Going from the left top to the middle left bottom there are 11 drawers of fun

D1- Top Drawer left side
Holds assorted coloring items

D2 - left side
Foil and the stuff to go with it until I find a better spot
A left over card kit I plan to do someday

D3 - Left side
Flowers and Felt

D4 - Left side
Larger dies and a few odds and ends

D5 - Top middle left
Ink refills for misc inks, Small spots, chibi lights

D6 - Middle left
Assorted inks I use but do not fit in the SU wood organizers

D7 - middle left
Punches - Tag style and then Medium and small

D8 - Middle left
More punches - larger style

D9 - Punches and more punches
Still larger style

D10 - Middle left
And more larger style punches

D11 - Middle left
Border punches


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