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Evernote - Why I love it!

So after MONTHS and MONTHS of entering my stamps and now dies I am close to being done.
It is a long process but so worth it.
I recommend it to anyone trying to find out what you have hidden in your closet. 
I did purchase the advanced program but most without all my horde of items would be fine with the basic free system
I plan to go down to basic come August.
They limit the uploads per month on Basic and I wanted to get stuff done but not be bothered by having to wait for the MB to reset.

When and if searching for it this is the correct icon.

Why I like Evernote? I actually use it. I did all this work and I find it makes my life easier.
If I did all this work and didn't use it I would not be a happy camper. But I actually use this almost daily. 
My favorite things about Evernote? I can see what I have before I buy something and I wont buy doubles - Unless I want to... 
Benefits of Evernote:
You can add “tags”. You have a stamp set that is all about Flowers and has verbiage. Lets say it has a rose some leaves, a branch maybe some flower centers, and a few sentiments. You add the tags for each thing in the stamp set (for example, I would create the tags: Flowers, Flowers, Leaves, Branch, Flower Centers). I type in the verbiage for every set in the body of the note just after the picture which also is searched for using the tags. 
If you add tags for all of your sets, you can search in Evernote for whatever you need. If you search “flower”, every set that you stored and tagged with Flower will appear. That makes it very easy to find what you are looking for, as well as possibly remind you of something you weren’t thinking of.
The search function comes in handy when you know that you have a sentiment or an image, but you can’t remember what set it is in. Search in Evernote for the tag and there you go. Instant answers.

I took a picture of my screen sorry if its a bit blurry.

When using Evernote you can categorize things how ever you see fit. 
they call their categories Notebooks:

Calendar - For yearly calendars
Copic Markers - I keep all the colors I have, refills and matching to SU info here
Diecuts - Misc. companies Diecuts
Embossing folders - All of these are in 1 file its easier that way - 
     I do tag them by companies so I can search easier if I know the company
     I will do the same when I put my punches in.

Lawn Fawn Dies - All dies are listed here for Lawn Fawn - 
     If a set is matching to a stamp set that is noted too. I can't do this with all my dies as I like to inner       mix elements but ones that match only the stamps can go in the stamp sets
Lawn Fawn Stamps - All stamps for Lawn Fawn
Misc Stamp companies - All other stamp companies
     Again I tag them with companies.

Stampin up Dies - all dies that are Stampin Up
Stampin up Stamps - All Stampin up stamps
TH inks - Tim Holtz Ink cubes

Once you start a notebook you can enter in notes.
Each note can have lots of information put in it. I put in a picture of the stamp set/die/ink etc...
then you can put tags - information about the item.  
So the one that is currently on my screen is Healing Hugs Its a new SU set -
 I put the tags:
Background , Flower, Leaves, Rose, Stem
So if I look up healing, hugs, Background , Flower, Leaves, Rose, Stem this set will show up in my query.
And if I search get well soon, If Hugs & Kisses could cure , you'd be immune to everything feel better soon. Sending you healing vibes, and wishing you a quick and complete recovery. 

Any of those words will show this stamp set in a search as well

Hope the 2 examples of tags for searches helped you understand the process. If you ever want to come see my set up you are more then welcome. 


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